McCain’s “Fan Club” Ad Crosses A Dangerous Line

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Not only has McCain’s latest celebrity attack ad gotten goofier, it’s also starting to reveal the particularly distasteful “white women like the black guy” tactic that Republicans have used in the past to scare voters away from African American candidates.

First, let me once again point out that McCain is just plain lying that Obama will increase taxes on people earning more than $42,000. If you haven’t been in the loop on that meme yet, McCain said it in a previous ad because Bush’s tax cuts are set to expire in 2011 and Obama will let them expire. But he would replace those with middle class tax cuts of his own. Under Obama’s plan, taxes would only increase for those making over $250K a year. So yes, once again, McCain is lying.

But to the more troubling pattern emerging in McCain’s ads…what is he trying to suggest by having women talk about Obama as if they’re attracted to him? This is starting to feel like very close to what the RNC did to Harold Ford Jr. back in 2006.

If you don’t remember it, here ya go…

And please, don’t pretend like the McCain camp doesn’t know what they’re doing by injecting the “dreamy” meme into this campaign, as if this is all just some innocent joke and liberals just don’t have a good enough sense of humor to “get it.” This is very underhanded, divisive stuff they’re starting to peddle, and to see McCain go here this soon in the campaign is just plain sad.

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7 Responses to “McCain’s “Fan Club” Ad Crosses A Dangerous Line”

  1. Freedomboy Says:

    Mike Meyers will not be happy or worthy.

  2. Dennis Sanders Says:


    Why is that any time there is a commercial showing white women and a black candidate, there is a charge of racism? There is nothing here that shows that they are trying to feast on racial fears. I think frankly, that there is a lot of hysteria on the left of seeing a racial boogeyman when there is none at least not yet.

  3. BenG Says:

    I really didn’t get the white woman thing except in a subliminal way, and then I tend to ignore it for fear that I’ll give it more credit than it deserves. You have to be careful you don’t fall int that same trap, cause this nonsense isn’t worth the time it takes to watch it.

    There was a time in this process when I thought it might be prudent to have a good moderate Repub president to temper what may be a large Dem majority in the upcoming House. Forget that plan – this bull just destroys any common sense you might try to use. To think that this is the campaign they’re running when they promised to change the status quo. They really don’t get it – this is an insult to everybody’s intelligence!

  4. Jen Says:

    Hilarious ad, Bravo John McCain.

    Obama is such a joke candidate, Hillary should be the nominee.

  5. Jim J. Says:

    Obama’s camp trying to play the “RACE CARD” again?

  6. McCain’s Attack Ads « John McCain is a Liar Says:

    [...] « MLK Day McCain’s Attack Ads August 11, 2008 Believe it or not, McCain’s lying in his attack ads too: First, let me once again point out that McCain is just plain lying that Obama will increase taxes [...]

  7. wj Says:

    Dennis, having a white woman, or even a slim majority, wouldn’t be. It’s when you get to having all (or nearly all) white women that the suspicion begins to appear.

    Throw in some men, and some non-whites, in vaguely the fractions that they are in the electorate. Spread the age range to something like what appears in the electorate as a whole. Or even, in both cases, in the fractions that they represent in the current Obama supporters in the electorate. Then there’s no grounds for complaint, because you really are trashing the mindset that (you claim) attracts people to Obama. But as it is….

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