McCain Would Name Andrew Cuomo To Head SEC

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I was watching 60 Minutes tonight, which featured long segments with both candidates, and the following stuck out to me too…as highlighted by Politico:

Certainly knowing that it would raise eyebrows, McCain told CBS’s Scott Pelley in a “60 Minutes” interview broadcast Sunday night that he might look to New York Attorney General and former Clinton HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo to head the SEC.

“I think he is somebody who could restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship to this effort,”
McCain said of Cuomo after being asked who he might like to see replace Chris Cox, the former Republican congressman who now heads the commission and who McCain said last week should be fired.

Reminded by Pelley that Cuomo served in the Clinton administration, McCain quickly responded: “And he did a good job and he has respect and he has prestige.”

McCain also mentioned that he would take the political affairs office out of the White House. That means no “Karl Roves” would office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Empty gestures? Who knows, but I think it’s important that he’s making them in the wake of all of this intensely negative campaigning he’s been doing.

In other words, the old McCain is still in there somewhere…and let’s hope we see more of that then all of these foolish attacks.

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7 Responses to “McCain Would Name Andrew Cuomo To Head SEC”

  1. L Says:

    It sounds good. As soon as I start feeling like I could actually vote for McCain (i.e. if I didn’t like the Democratic candidate, instead of voting for a 3rd party) Sarah Palin pops into my head, and I am conflicted between McCain’s bipartisanship and his choice for VP.

    Maybe I am too liberal to see past my own partisan blinders, but Palin seems quite divisive in her speeches and interviews, and after 8 years of Bush’s seeming arrogance (“I’ll make up for not knowing by acting very decisive and sure of myself”), I don’t know if I can take that for four more years.

    Also, is this new McCain a change in strategy after his post-Palin-convention bounce has seemed to diminish?

  2. Kay Zee Ess Says:


  3. Gina Says:

    Cuomo first needs to be investigated for harassing and threatening, for 2 & 1/2 years, my friend Denise who is a yoga teacher at YogaWorks. They met personally when he was campaigning. When she found out he was hiding the truth about his personal life she tried to walk away, but he demanded she stay and compete for his individual attention. She refused and he let her know he would destroy her life and career in NY. First he squashed her credit card identity fraud case being investigated by Detective Paul Arroyo at Precinct 28. Then he blocked Attorney Alfonso DeCicco from advising her when the owner of the co-op apt she was renting did not want to renew her lease because of his family. Without advise, she lost her home and had to spend endless money and time to move. Both men were told Cuomo’s office was taking over and they should no longer correspond with Denise, but his office just stopped all assistance for his huge personal ego. Also, while investigating Oxford Health Plans, he pressured her HMO doctor, Elizabeth Uchitelle, so badly for an $87 reimbursement that this helped the doctor to decide to close her office, go elsewhere and ditch Denise. She wants a peaceful life and serves the community, however I urge Denise to come forward with paper work and voice mails to prove what Cuomo has been doing secretly. He is not above the law. This is corrupt behavior and deceptive to the public. Bullies operate in secret and try to rob others of their dignity. It’s time to shine the light on Cuomo. He does not belong at the SEC.

  4. DeDe Says:

    As these blogs are posted, I was informed by Denise, Cuomo is going around with the information he knows she has on him and covering his tracks, most likely trying to get allies to cover for him, proibably threatening them as he does. Like when he had Jean Houston from the Better Business Bureau call Denise to see if she was home one day for him. The call was bogus, but now Cuomo is having invitations from the better business bureau sent (a year later) to her not-for-profit, New Moves, Inc. to cover his tracks. Its okay because the voice mails and paper work do not lie. Denise made the mistake of giving him information because unlike Cuomo, she is honest.

  5. Alana Says:

    Shine the light on Cuomo. Make him show full disclosure and tranparency regarding his personal life. The professionals he’s over-taken may be afraid of coming forward because of him putting pressure on their businesses or jobs, but the proof exists in the paper work saved and stored. In all honesty, do we want this man in charge of prosecuting others when his first priority, even before abiding the law, is to take care of his own interestes?

  6. trueboyhere Says:

    It’s time for Andrew Cuomo to show full diclosure and transparency, and it’s definitely time for him to stop harassing this woman! He is the worst case example of how self obsessed and unresponsible a political figure can be. I agree with others: SHINE THE LIGHT ON ANDREW CUOMO!!!

  7. FFups Says:

    Cuomo should show personal full disclosure regarding how he operates with a heavy hand, and he should address these allegations. I’m sure he is aware of them because I was visiting this woman on more than one occasion when he called numerous times to hang up on her. Ignoring them seems to be his way of of this, but too many people know the woman, and this story continues to circulate among many. She has many friends who are behind her. I agree with the notion that Cuomo should show transparency with his dealings. He is deceptive and sneaky, but not above the law.

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