McCain Wins Debate!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Debates, Internet, McCain, Media

Haha, you really can’t make stuff like this up.

From Wash Post:

“McCain Wins Debate!” declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: “McCain won the debate– hands down.”

This campaign is seriously imploding.

In any event, if you see that ad on this site PLEASE take a screenshot of it and send it to me at [email protected]


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18 Responses to “McCain Wins Debate!”

  1. John Monk Says:

    Oh dear me… Please PLEASE get seen by the mainstream media ASAP.

  2. pico Says:

    He’s THAT good, people.

  3. stuperb Says:

    So THAT’s why he suspended the campaign: to go into the future and find out whether he won the debate before deciding whether to debate. That’s deep, man. Deep.

  4. Rudogs Says:

    Oh great and wise McCain while you was in the future did you happen to get tonights lottery numbers?

  5. Balloon Juice Says:

    [...] Update III: Even if Sarah Palin can’t win a debate, McCain can. In fact, he’s already won tonight’s debate!! [...]

  6. Thoth Says:

    Mainstream media (or at least Huffpost) has found it – too good not to put front and center. I can’t wait to hear what Letterman has to say.

    Is this the man you really want to lead the nation – he can’t even lead his campaign. Come on folks – get outraged – this is what they think of you. Alaska is near Russia so I can handle foreign policy matters. If you follow that logic – 90% of Americans are better qualified than she is… please save us from these fools.

  7. brian Says:

    the more i think about this ad…the dumber and less credible it seems. I honestly can’t see a candidate (even McCain) putting out an ad like that following a debate, even if they had won it.

  8. Datn S. Says:

    My response to McCain’s proclamation:

  9. Andrew O. Says:

    This was obviously a standard prepaid ad… which was scheduled to be released tomorrow, but was “accidentally” released by the WSJ this morning. Do you need more evidence of how the media is working overtime to undermine the GOP ticket?

    The advertising office should issue a VERY PUBLIC apology!

  10. ExiledIndependent Says:

    Seems inspired by what the Chinese government did yesterday regarding their space program….interesting coincidence. Do we know if this actually came from the campaign or someone with good photoshop skillz?

  11. LaurenF Says:

    Wow. Never thought I would miss the Ron Paul candidacy:

  12. John Says:

    Andrew O. sez: “this was a standard prepaid ad…was ‘accidentally’ release by WSJ this morning…the media is working overtime to undermine the GOP ticket?”

    Good God, Andrew, aren’t you tired of being a typical conservative victim (“wah, wah, the liberal media hates us!!)? Because folks in your party sure play that role well.

  13. why god hates me » Counting Our Chickens…? Says:

    [...] Internet programmer (or…whoever) in the McCain camp seems to be pretty sure of a few things.  The small ad appeared this morning, and while we’re too tired right now to [...]

  14. College Candy » Counting Our Chickens…? Says:

    [...] Internet programmer (or…whoever) in the McCain camp seems to be pretty sure of a few things.  The small ad appeared this morning, and while we’re too tired right now to [...]

  15. Alaskan Crabcake Says:

    My Friends, last night you saw John McCain. John reminded us he is a War Hero and that is all I need. I can see Tijuana and the Pacific Ocean from my house……Hey John, can I be the next ambassador to Mexico or perhaps the Secretary of the Navy?

  16. Dale Birmingham Says:

    John rocked the house last night. He seems driven to fix this mess and he walked all over Obama who showed me that he has NO experience on ANYTHING! Where is NOBAMA now? Talking somewhere about had bad the Bush administration is…funny, McCain is NOT the Bush administration as he is on Capital Hill working for all of us. I admire him really, he’s COUNTRY FIRST and it shows.

  17. angela Says:

    As Americans we are not entitled to anything. It is a privellege to have been born in this country. The statement that should be said, but won’t is that we Americans are half responsible for this economic mess by asserting our “right” to live way beyond our means. You know, I wouldn’t expect that you might vote according to this but in John and Sarah I sense sincerity, not politicians trying to sell something. Why are gas prices still such a big concern of the people? I’m still seeing an SUV in every other driveway. People quit your whining and Do something about it. Vote for the reformers, not the other ticket whose majority knowledge comes from an ancient, almighty government loving Biden. P.S. Sarah may not be super-prepared, I am very confident in the end she can possibly be one of the best candidate ever chosen by the people, elected and finally, perhaps a candidate in the end people could have nothing negative to say about. That would be some CHANGE.

  18. Dan Rust Says:

    For one person’s perspective on how you can make a decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain, see the YouTube video below:

    Feel free to forward this to any “undecided” voters you know of. This will be a VERY close election and we need every single vote we can get. Demonizing Obama will get us a few votes (and also lose us at least a few votes) but I hope that a rational, positive thought process will persuade a few people who are still on the fence.

    Regards, Dan

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