Hillary For Secretary Of State?

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These are the reports I’m hearing and neither the Clinton folks nor the Obama folks are denying it…which is a sure sign that this is on the table.

Ben Smith details…

Andrea Mitchell reported this evening that Obama is considering Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, something that’s been buzzed about as a possibility for a few days.

I haven’t been able to confirm it, and neither Obama nor Clinton camps would comment, though NBC apparently has confirmation that she went to Chicago today.

One interesting item: Clinton aides are not knocking the report down, which they might.

“Any speculation about cabinet or other administration appointments is really for President-Elect Obama’s transition team to address,” emails spokesman Philippe Reines.

And then this from Mike Allen…

[...] some Obama advisers argue that her celebrity and credibility would be a huge asset in his goal of reengaging the United States with allies.

“You can send John Kerry or Chuck Hagel,” said one adviser, mentioning some other candidates for secretary of state, “or you can send Hillary Clinton. That’s totally different.”

Clinton would be most attractive if Obama concludes that he will have to focus his early days in office on the domestic economy, and will have to essentially outsource heavy-duty foreign travel to his secretary of State.

The officials said Clinton becomes even more attractive if Obama retains President Bush’s last secretary of Defense, Robert Gates. Some Obama advisers are advocated that course because he would provide cover for drawing down troops in Iraq: Gates has said he believes that is possible, and it would keep Obama out of a fight he can’t afford with the Army Gen. David Petraeus, now the head of the U.S. Central Command.

And with Hillary you get Bill. Then there’s Biden. With the three of them in the mix, that’s a pretty solid lineup to travel abroad and create some good will.

More as it develops…

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7 Responses to “Hillary For Secretary Of State?”

  1. Trescml Says:

    It would be interesting to bring in someone who disagreed with some of your diplomatic plans during the primary. Clinton would certainly be a big name that has clout in the world and certainly can do the job. What surprises me more is that this was leaked because if she doesn’t get the job, it will irk those who supported her in the primaries (and Obama in the general election).

  2. Doug Mataconis Says:

    Why am I reminded of The West Wing yet again ?

    Secretary of State Clinton = Secretary of State Vinick

  3. Agnostick Says:


    Hell no.

    F**k no.

    Absolutely not.

    No, no, NO!!!!

    “And with Hillary you get Bill.”

    Exactly how is bringing the Clintons back, emblematic of “change?”

    Chuck Hagel would be a much better choice… and bringing a Republican or two into the fold would certainly live up to that promise of “change.”

    [email protected]

  4. wj Says:

    Two questions:
    1) What’s in it for Clinton? For furthering her political career, the Senate looks like a better long-term bet.
    2) What does Clinton bring to the job of Secretary of State that others cannot bring just as well or better? Lots of other people with just as much experience in foreign affairs, and her focus has tended to be domestic, has it not?

  5. mw Says:

    Billary would do a great job at State. But I don’t think it is going to happen.I think Hillary wants to put her mark on history. After eight years of an Obama presidency, I don’t expect she believes she’ll have a realistic shot at the Oval office. There have been female Secretaries of State before, and ultimately the job is to carry water for the policies set by the President. Not her style. She wants to shape policy, she wants high visibility, and she wants to be first.

    She does all three as Majority Leader in the Senate. I’m betting she replaces Reid. After Obama restores Lieberman, he’ll need to throw the left flank a bone. They have not been happy with Reid’s leadership. It is not his call, but if he puts his weight behind Hillary leading the Senate, I expect she’ll get it.

    Plus, if Obama does Hillary this favor, she’ll owe him one. Its the Chicago way.

  6. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Why Hillary For Secretary Of State? Says:

    [...] speculated about this earlier today, and Marc Ambinder has some thoughts [...]

  7. patrick Says:

    if Hillary becomes the Sec. State, hopefully she will be able to concentrate on country-centric issues without being distracted by other drama or her career plans

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