Bush Legacy Redux

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, History, Video

How was he as a President?

Hardball discusses…

What do you think? How will he be remembered?


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3 Responses to “Bush Legacy Redux”

  1. Brian Krenz Says:

    Worst president ever – torture, domestic spying, politicizing the DOJ, the war…

  2. grognard Says:

    A lot of how he will be judged will depend on how long it takes to climb out of the mess he created. If we are back to full employment, out of Iraq, and an end to AQ by the end of next year it might look like these were temporary problems that resolved themselves with time. More likely we will be struggling with the Bush legacy for many years and the Obama administration will be seen as fixing the many problems they inherited. I don’t think he was much of a President, he did not challenge Rumsfeld on what was going on in Iraq or Afghanistan, he was running the show and Bush was just a bystander watching everything go by like the rest of us. He was easily manipulated by Rove and “Co- President” Cheney who had their own agendas, again not questioning anything they did. I have a feeling he will tar the Republican party much like Jimmy Carter did with the Democrats, and it will be a long time in the wilderness for the Republicans.

  3. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    People will remember abu-graib, waterboarding, domestic wiretapping ect… about as much as people remember Japanese internment camps, perhaps even less so. Is FDR the worst president ever?

    Nobody will care about attorney generals, or Valerie Plame or other flash-in-the pan scandals like that. Its like whitewater or Monica Lewinsky or the whiskey-ring of 1875 (ya see what I mean).

    It will all come down to the success or failure of Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism going forward and modernization of the mid-east. Its still up in the air. Also, if this recession is over with within 2 years, the state of the economy won’t make much of an impact on Bush’s legacy, much like the dot-com bubble bursting in the late 90′s had for Clinton.

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