Women To Benefit More From Obama’s Stimulus?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Business, Economy, Gender

I found this interesting nugget in Obama’s economic proposal…

Summing across industries suggests that the total number of created jobs likely to go to women is roughly 42% of the jobs created by the package.

Given that so far in the recession women have accounted for roughly 20% of the decline in payroll employment, this calculation could reflect that the stimulus package skews job creation somewhat toward women, possibly as a result of the investments in healthcare, education, and state fiscal relief.

And here are the jobs breakdowns by industry…

3,000 for 13% of Mining
3,000 for 26% of Utilities
21,000 for 42% of Information
23,000 for 24% of Transportation and Warehousing
49,000 for 31% of Wholesale Trade
52,000 for 52% of Other Services
88,000 for 13% of Construction
117,000 for 29% of Manufacturing
127,000 for 59% of Financial Activities
140,000 for 57% of Government
154,000 for 45% of Professional and Business Services
186,000 for 77% of Education and Health Services
262,000 for 53% of Leisure and Hospitality
304,000 for 50% of Retail Trade
1,529,000 total jobs created, 49% of them going to women

Obviously I’m not pointing this out because I have any sort of problem with it. In fact, I think it’s refreshing to see that more women could be entering the workforce, creating more balance and leveling the playing field.

However, allow me to play Pop Psychologist for a moment and let’s look at historical political trends and what this could mean in the future.

Traditionally it has been men who have supported Republicans and women tend to support Democrats. So if more women are being employed, this has the potential to create a certain amount of anger and frustration in the male population and ultimately help Republicans because guys will feel that they aren’t getting their fair share.

The other potential effect is that women start strongly supporting Democrats, and since they represent a majority of the population that could spell trouble for the Republicans. It could also mean that a female Democratic President is eminent.

We shall see…

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