Karl Rove On Twitter

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The Architect (of the GOP’s demise?) is on the microblogging/messaging platform and I’m almost 100% sure it’s actually him. The only reason I say that is because some folks have created fake accounts, including somebody claiming to be Karl Rove.

In any event, whatever you may think of Rove, I think most people will acknowledge that the guy is incredibly smart. I mean, Bush as a two termer? Enough said.

And that’s why he understands that the GOP may be able to find their way back to the White House by engaging the voters of tomorrow via social channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc., and finding out what the national mood is.

After all, Rove and the GOP can’t ignore the fact that Obama got over 360 electoral votes and was heavily involved in the socialsphere. Obviously his messages of hope and change were the most important factors, but I don’t think they would have been nearly as effective if he didn’t engage voters through channels that amplified his commitment to being open, honest and transparent.

By the way, you can follow my Twitter updates here.

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One Response to “Karl Rove On Twitter”

  1. Duckman Says:

    It didn’t take Karl Rove to get Bush re-elected in 2004. Fact is, for good or bad, many Americans were reluctant to change Presidents during a war, particularly if the Democratic nominee was someone like John Kerry who many people who lived through the Vietnam era felt was a “traitor” or an “appeaser” (again, for good or bad). John Kerry was the wrong candidate at the wrong time. If the Democrats had nominated someone else, Bush would have been out of office 4 years ago.

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