Meanwhile, In Minnesota…

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I can’t believe this thing is still going on, and it’s now going to be decided by the courts…which is an awful way of doing this.

But hey, if it’s good enough for the Oval Office…

Still, Franken can’t be happy that this is how it’s going to go down. Talk about a cause for Minnesota Republicans to rally around when reelection time rolls around.

From Star Tribune:

After seven long weeks, Minnesota’s U.S. Senate election trial came down to a debate Friday between following the rules and a notion of common sense.

Now the choice is up to the judges, whose decision will be critical — if not final — in eventually naming Minnesota’s new U.S. senator.

During closing arguments, Republican Norm Coleman and his lawyers urged the judges to bend their rules, which have hampered his case, and rely more on “common sense” in deciding which disputed ballots deserve to be counted.

But lawyers for DFLer Al Franken said Coleman failed to meet requirements to prove that election problems deprived him of enough valid ballots to have tipped the balance.

“The law requires proof that an error did, in fact, change the outcome,” Franken lawyer Kevin Hamilton told the three-judge panel. “That is exactly what is missing from the record.”

So yeah, expect Coleman to appeal, but I’d imagine that he’ll lose that argument too and Franken will actually be a Senator.

Stranger than fiction.

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One Response to “Meanwhile, In Minnesota…”

  1. Trescml Says:

    I don’t think that Coleman thinks any longer he has a real shot at winning. This trial was his last hope. He will appeal though since he has the money to do so and it will give the Republicans a change to try and keep Franken from his seat. What will be interesting will be if the Senate will sit him anyway without a certificate from the state.

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