What Is Wrong With Bill O’Reilly?

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in Media, WTF?

Seriously. I just don’t get it Mr. O’Reilly.

Let me see if I can follow this logic: You are alleging that Jeff Zucker of NBC News is part of a cabal of liberal meanies who are out to smear you (and other conservatives). ‘Far left bloggers’ are also part of this group of ne’er-do-wellers as well, and they, in turn, want to hurt the victims of rape crimes.

Do I have that right?

I complain about O’Reilly on occasion (read: often), and it’s usually for something trite or trivial that really is of no consequence to, well, anyone. Then I saw this clip from last night’s Factor, in which a producer tracks down a ‘far left blogger’ (while she is on vacation) and confronts her with a camera.

This is why I loathe O’Reilly and his Factor. It’s not his politics by which I am so repulsed — he seems to be a reasonable conservative (even if he won’t admit his conservative stance). It’s not his guests. It’s not even his smirky-smug face that I mind. No, it is the gotcha-style ‘journalism’ that he tries to pass off as legitimate. What kind of person sends a camera crew to ambush a political rival/enemy/someone who talks poorly about them?

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4 Responses to “What Is Wrong With Bill O’Reilly?”

  1. SD3 Says:

    …it is the gotcha-style ‘journalism’ that he tries to pass off as legitimate.

    Sure, O’Reilly’s a jerk, but so what? He regularly admits he’s not a journalist, but a pundit, not unlike Limbaugh, Randy Rhoades or Moulitas.

    I’ll reserve my outrage for the gangsters who actually claim to be journalists and practice gotcha-style ‘journalism’.

    Anyone remember the army of ‘journalists’ sent to Alaska to run-down every whack-o rumor on Sarah Palin? Oh wait, I’m sorry that was legit.

  2. Smooth Jazz Says:

    Wow, where to start?

    Well first I want to say that O’Reilly is a pure partisan hack. He pretends to be an independent, and even a conservative. That’s not what he primarily is. He is primarily a Republican with a TV show, promoting the Republican agenda. I will grant him that he does diverge with former President Bush on illegal immigration. Other than that, he’s a shill for the Republican Party.

    That being said, O’Reilly has every right to defend himself as aggressively as possible from the charges being made against him. If someone said things about me, that they say about him, I would go to the floor and fight as ferociously as possible to defend myself and attack the accusers.

    With that also being said, I think that O’Reilly’s segment came across as ham-fisted, delusional and insane for anyone with some intelligence. I think the Republican Party does rely upon stupid viewers and listeners to sell their message, but if you don’t fall into those categories, then O’Reilly segment was ham-fisted, delusional and insane.

    Despite being ambushed by O’Reilly’s producer, the Terkel woman acquitted herself well. She said something very reasonable, despite the leading questions she was given, but was nonetheless called “dishonest” by a supposedly disinterested interviewer. The way O’Reilly goes on to make it into a conspiracy theory with NBC, General Electric and those evil far lefties just made it seem like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

    It all goes back to: is his audience dumb enough to buy it?

  3. Smooth Jazz Says:

    By the way, anyone who is interested in being simultaneously amused and seriously scared at the same time should check out Glenn Beck at his I’m such a patriot cry fest at Fox News.


  4. Agnostick Says:

    Is Porter Barry still on O’Reilly’s leash?

    [email protected]

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