Obama Derangement Syndrome Redux

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Democrats, History, Republicans

Personally, I just don’t care at this point. People will think what they want. It was dumb when the left did it to Bush and it’s just as dumb now.

From David Horowitze agrees:

Conservatives, please. Let’s not duplicate the manias of the Left as we figure out how to deal with Mr. Obama. He is not exactly the anti-Christ, although a disturbing number of people on the Right are convinced he is.

I have recently received commentaries that claim that “Obama’s speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history” and “never has a politician in this land had such a quasi-religious impact on so many people” and “Obama is a narcissist,” which leads the author to then compare Obama to David Koresh, Charles Manson, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. Excuse me while I blow my nose.

This fellow has failed to notice that all politicians are narcissists – and that a recent American president was a world-class exponent of the imperial me. So what? Political egos are one of the reasons the Founders put checks and balances on executive power. As for serial lying, is there a politician that cannot be accused of that? And once, the same recent president set a pretty a high bar in this category, and we survived it. As for Obama’s speeches, they are hardly in the Huey Long, Louie Farrakhan, Fidel Castro vein. They are in fact eloquently and cleverly centrist and sober.

Tip to Republicans…one of the dirty little secrets that nobody wants to admit is that Bush got re-elected because he was so despised by the left that Rove was able to turn that into a plus and marginalize the opposition. Brilliant campaigning, no doubt, and think of what the Obama machine can do with the same type of venom from the right.

I’m just saying…

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9 Responses to “Obama Derangement Syndrome Redux”

  1. Loviatar Says:

    Another damm equivalency post!!

    So, based on your post; getting a blowjob (CDS) = war of choice / destroy economy (BDS) = getting elected (ODS).

    Wow, if you look at it like that the bar is set pretty low when it comes to being deranged about a Democratic President, yet having a little justifiable anger about a Republican President gets you automatically tagged as deranged.

    You know what frustrates about this post, is that by equating CDS = BDS = ODS you’ve denied the righteous anger held by many Americans at the ethical, moral and yes criminal mess that Bush has made of this country.

    Many non-lefties hate Bush not because we are deranged, but because he was an unqualified frat boy who did not have the decency to admit he was in over his head and through his actions has caused great harm to our country.

  2. SD3 Says:

    It was dumb when the left did it to Bush and it’s just as dumb now.

    The why did you do it?

    …one of the dirty little secrets that nobody wants to admit is that Bush got re-elected because he was so despised by the left that Rove was able to turn that into a plus and marginalize the opposition.

    Oh, riiiiight, that unbelievable dunce, evil genius, Hitler-clone George Bush ingeniously got re-elected by making everyone hate him so much. Keep toking, you’re almost there.

  3. kranky kritter Says:

    Snoop, I’m surprised you find that contention even remotely controversial. I think the over-the-top demonization of Bush by the left DEFINITELY helped him with moderates.

    Justin did not in fact say that doing this was part of an ingenious plan by Bush. YOU said that. If you try, if you bother to read what folks say, maybe you can do better than to put dumb-sounding inaccurate paraphrases in someone else’s mouth, and then use that as a basis for wondering what they are smoking.

    Colossally weak comment on your part, dude.

  4. Trescml Says:

    It can be cathartic to jump up and down and scream (and I’ve done it too), but I have never influenced anyone by doing so. Politically when you can tie your opponent to over the top comments you can do serious damage (Michelle Bachmann being one recent example). You can compare people to Hitler, but doesn’t change the way anyone thinks and reduces any cogent argument that you may make down the road.

  5. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Well said, Trescml. The point Loviatar is missing is that it really doesn’t matter how righteous your anger is — it matters that you can’t control that anger. The vast majority of us only listen to angry people if we already agree with them. No one has ever changed my mind by yelling at me or calling me a sheeple or otherwise demeaning my intelligence and character. When you lose the ability to talk to anyone but the people who feel exactly the same as you do, then you’re going to lose elections.

  6. ExiledIndependent Says:

    I’ve always hated the argument that EVERYONE (in politics) is a narcissist, EVERYONE lies. So that makes it ok? Part of the “problem” is that we’ve lowered our expectations. Hopefully this is coming to a tipping point where as an electorate we’re holding all of our representatives to a realistically higher standard. Be honest. Be humble. Represent your constituents. Uphold the word, spirit, and intent of the law. Is that REALLY too much to ask?

  7. TerenceC Says:

    No – it isn’t too much to ask – it should be just an expectation. Who wouldn’t love to be in the Congress or the Senate – what an honor. So why are there so many dishonorable people in public office? The ideals and the reality appear to be in a constant state of struggle.

    I get the impression that those in public office don’t want anyone on the outside to understand what’s really going on, who’s really calling the shots, who’s in charge. They barely teach civics and government in the grade and high schools these days. This works to the decided advantage of those in public office because the electorate doesn’t know enough about government to ask the right questions, or to hold these clown accountable – and they sure as hell aren’t getting any help from the media.

    One of the dirty little secrets no one wants to admit is that Bush got re-elected because an under educated, under informed, overly stimulated populace believes it only has two choices in a national election – and doesn’t demand anything better because it doesn’t know it is allowed to make those demands.

  8. Loviatar Says:


    The point Loviatar is missing is that it really doesn’t matter how righteous your anger is — it matters that you can’t control that anger.

    Please provide me with an example of where the “BDS” crowd – left or non left – lost control in regards to Bush. I can point to any number of examples where the CDS crowd lost control in regards to Clinton (the most obvious being impeachment), but other than Cindy Sheenan’s actions, which I think we all can say had a justifiable reasons, I can’t think off hand of any where the BDS crowd lost control.

    Now Republicans like to portray anger at Bush as BDS and a loss of control because they can then dismiss it as not worthy of address and by equating it to CDS and now ODS this is what Justin has done. Your comment is a furthering of that dismissal – oh they can’t control themselves, so why should we listen to them or take them seriously.

    I would think after the last few months, as the ethical and legal actions of the Bush administration has been proven to be at fault, that the Republicans would be a little less in denial on the righteousness of the anger held towards Bush, but I see that was wishful thinking.

    John Cole had a saying, which is now a category on his site – DFH (the Dirty Fucking Hippies was right), I wish more sites like this which claim to be even handed or moderate would make more use of the saying.

  9. Jake Says:

    Interesting post. With the utter absence of any credible candidate on the R side, coupled with a fierce Obama campaign machine, Obama could essentially phone in the 2012 re-election should the GOP not get their act together.


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