Gallup: Obama Approval At 65% After 100 Days

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Obama, Polls

Yes, it’s the obligatory 100 days post.

Here’s how that shakes out by party ID…

By political ideology…

By income…

And by age…

Check out more charts over at Gallup.

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One Response to “Gallup: Obama Approval At 65% After 100 Days”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    So, what does 65% mean, folks? Here’s a link to a graph that shows approval ratings over time for every President since Truman.

    Doing my best to read the graph, the following Presidents had approval ratings as good as or better than Obama in their first year: Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson

    The following were lower but all at least 55%: Nixon Ford Reagan Clinton

    The following are hard to read as they had rapid change in year 1: Carter
    Bush 1 Bush 2

    Couple interesting things to note about these ratings when you see the data for all Presidents:

    First, all Presidents get a honeymoon of sorts. Ford and Clinton are the only modern Presidents who started below 60%, and they were at about 59 and about 56.

    Almost every modern President ends with way lower approval ratings. Seems like once a Presidency starts, the bandwag0n door is sort of one way: an exit.

    Clinton’s graph is the most interesting to me. As the modern President with the lowest starting approval rating, he is also, so far, the only modern President who had higher approval when he finished than when he started. Is this a referendum on BJs? I do not know.

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