Scarborough Lambasts Republican Critics On Iran

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Conservatism, Iran, Video

A mind meld with that I expressed earlier today…

It really is disappointing to see McCain and Graham behave like this, especially when they haven’t filled in the blanks as to what Obama should say and why that would be more effective than the current course.

And, again, what’s the end game to tough talk? I’ll tell you what…more dead Iranian protesters. As the President mentioned earlier in the press conference, the Iranian leadership is already trying to trick their supporters into believing that we’re fomenting revolution by mistranslating things he has said and reporting that the CIA is behind this uprising.

As is the case with most foreign policy calls Republican lawmakers have made in the last 8 years, I genuinely have no clue as to how they’re arriving at these decisions. And I think Americans are equally perplexed and that’s one of the reasons McCain lost by 9 million votes last year.

Moving on…

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One Response to “Scarborough Lambasts Republican Critics On Iran”

  1. bubbles Says:

    i’ve had mixed feelings about Obama’s foreign policy approach thus far (although it is still far more preferable to that of bush)… but in this case i think he couldn’t be giving a more perfect response. sad to see graham and mccain sound like john bolton on this issue… i thought they were more pragmatic than this.

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