City Officials Say, “Grease My Palms, Joe!”

By Jennn Fusion | Related entries in News

You know, it’s nice that we’re talking about the “Commerce Department’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership” and the “National Innovation Marketplace” coming in… (whatever that means.) It’s thoughtful of you to think of ways to connect “suppliers” with “buyers” (suppliers and buyers of what?) And it’s convenient of you to put two and two together (auto manufacturers, wind turbine manufacturers, same thing, right?) But I can’t help but think this is little more than a really good example of why the government is failing and why many of our citizens are so downright dejected.

First of all, why even bother presenting “a plan” that’s not really a specific plan at all? This new White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers promises to “helps manufacturers figure out what new products they can make and whom they can sell them to” and to “help manufacturers get the information they need” to make the shift from auto manufacturing to green technology manufacturing. I fail to see how government-appointed officials are in the best position to make these calls. I’m also seeing a lot of vague, pretty language and not a lot of satisfying details.

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