‘President Obama Is A Racist’

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Some salient discussion of Glenn Beck’s mystifying comments with the Morning Joe crew, sans Morning Joe himself.

I think that they are all correct in their assessments.

I do want to highlight one thing that Willie Geist touched upon. Around the five minute mark, Geist posits the idea that, had some commentator on the left made a similar comment about George W. Bush or Dick Cheney, that Mika et al. might not have been as upset. I think that is an eye-opening question and should be given some thought.

Personally, I think Beck is way out-of-line for his comment if for no other reason than Barack Obama was raised by white folks. His mother and grandparents, about whom he writes and talks at great lengths, were far and above the largest contributors to his upbringing. So, for Beck to merely suggest, much less bluntly state as fact that the President has a ‘deep-seeded hatred for white people or the white culture’ is nothing short of irrational.

I do wonder whether Lawrence O’Donnell is correct; will Glenn Beck own up to his statement? Will he admit that he accused the President of racism? Or, as O’Donnell suggests, will Beck claim that he never made the remarks?

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