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McCain Says Republicans Won’t Cooperate Anymore?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Republicans

So because they demonized the legislation from the very beginning and demanded that Dems base any new legislation on Republican political philosophy…now they’re saying that they won’t cooperate on anything? From The Hill: “There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year,” McCain said during an interview Monday on an Arizona radio affiliate. […]

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CA Proposition 14: Democracy without Independent Voters is Like Taxation Without Representation

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in Independents, News, Open Primaries, Politics

Latest and greatest news and views about California’s open primary initiative, Proposition 14, on the ballot June 8. Partisans showed their true colors last week with back-room deals and litigation on the ballot wording. Prominent independent attorney Harry Kresky’s commentary on HuffPo “Words Matter” sheds lots of light on the nature of our democracy. And […]

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March MADness

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House Passes Health Care Reform 219-212

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Republicans

Looks like the Stupak promise was what put it over the top. From LA Times: Delivering a hard-fought victory in President Obama’s yearlong pursuit of a national healthcare overhaul, a divided House narrowly approved legislation Sunday night that could reshape the way Americans deal with wellness and illness. House Democratic leaders proved they could hold […]

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Conservatives Peg Sean Hannity In Military Charity Scandal

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Conservatives, Partisan Hacks

Rick Ungar pivots off of conservative talker Debbie Schlussel’s investigation and comes up with the following about Freedom Alliance’s “Freedom Concerts,” which were supposed to raise money to send the children of fallen soldiers to college and help wounded soldiers pay their bills. Apparently they’ve done little of either. The numbers… In 2008, the charity […]

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Frum: Conservatives Blew It On Health Care

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Health Care, Obama, Republicans

As the debate about health care has stretched on, I’ve argued that it wasn’t smart for Republicans to be so strident about the Dems’ proposals. Better to have a seat at the table and argue for more cost cutting measures, different ways to fund it than tax hikes, etc. Instead, they said “NO!” at nearly […]

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Obama Will Reaffirm Ban On Federal Abortion Funding With Executive Order

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Health Care

This one always seemed like a non-brainer to me, and thankfully Stupak’s anti-abortion bloc and the White House have reached an agreement. Now Dems will have no problem getting the health care bill passed. From Politico: A cadre of anti-abortion Democrats announced Sunday that they’ve reached an agreement with the White House to defuse the […]

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House Democrats Have 216 Votes For Health Care Reform? Well…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Health Care

Just got the news from Politico: House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson says Democrats have clinched the 216 votes they need to pass President Barack Obama’s health-reform plan. “We have the votes now — as we speak,” Larson said Sunday morning. But do they? Looks like Bart Stupak and the White House are nearing a […]

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John Stewart Does Glenn Beck

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, Partisan Hacks, Video

First, the promo… Then, the whole thing… Listen, you may not agree with Stewart’s politics and Beck is certainly an easy target…but given our current state of affairs, having somebody like Stewart lampoon Beck is what we need right now to balance things out. In short, if Beck is the voice of libertarianism/conservatism…you all need […]

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California Proposition 14: Open Primaries for Independent Voters is Pro-Democracy

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in News attorney Harry Kresky’s piece today on HuffPo Words Matter: Voters to Get Fair Wording of California Open Primary Initiative is a gem. The assertion of such a right by the parties raises a fundamental question about the nature of our democracy. Does it rest on the rights of voters or on the rights of […]

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