2010 Strategies

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2010 Campaign Strategy

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9 Responses to “2010 Strategies”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    Dude. Bull’s eye.

  2. Chris Says:

    Funny, that’s why we voted for democrats in 2006…

    the problem is that both parties suck about equally.

  3. Justin Gardner Says:

    Exactly. I’m not happy with the Dems either. But I really don’t think Obama has been doing a bad job at all. He has delivered on many of his campaign promises and Dems still aren’t happy.

  4. Alistair Says:


    Well if you listen to the comments from far left blogs like Open Left and firedoglake you would think he was a Republican. By the way President Obama signed the Small business bill so what kind of impact will it have on the economy?


  5. Chris Says:

    I don’t think he’s liberal, and certainly not progressive. But I don’t see him as “conservative”.

  6. Alistair Says:


    Remember he was endorsed by a lot of Centrist and Blue Dog Democrat when we ran for President in 2008.

  7. Thomas Says:

    It’s funny to me that the GOP is so good at the politics of fear when it’s progressives that should really be afraid.

    We should be shaking in our boots that the conservatives retake the government in the next two years. Reproductive rights, gone. Social Safety Net, gutted. Wall of Separation, demolished. Civil Rights, annihilated. These are real parts of the conservative agenda, real things to be really afraid of and the Dems do next to nothing to point out that if Repubs regain control of the government, there will be literally no stopping them from ending all the parts of America that matter.

    The GOP has so much of their base terrified that progressives are going to outlaw churches, open death camps and teach fisting to pre-schoolers. You’d think that our side would be able to muster up a bit of fear since we should be afraid of things, unlike our conservative counterparts, are actually true.

  8. Chris Says:

    Well don’t give them that much credit, they couldn’t possibly accomplish that much in 2 years.

  9. Jacob Says:


    They’ll be too busy reinstating the 2nd amendment and reversing this wicked Socialism.

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