Ron Paul Is Top GOP Fundraiser in Q1

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Will it be 2008 all over again?

From Politico:

The Texas congressman raised $1 million through his federal PAC and $2 million through Campaign for Liberty, a 501C(4) which cannot transfer funds directly to political organizations. Paul’s fundraising documents, to be filed later Thursday with the FEC, will also show he has $1.7 million on hand in his congressional campaign account.

“Dr. Paul’s fundraising comes almost exclusively from individuals, not special interests,” LibertyPAC director Jesse Benton told POLITICO. “He received contributions from all 50 states, and his average gift this quarter was under $70, demonstrating his broad grassroots support.

“Dr. Paul’s grassroots fundraising prowess is unmatched, and any 2012 political endeavor on which he embarks will have the financial backing it takes to win,” Benton added.

Interestingly enough, Michelle Bachmann outraised Mitt Romney…

Michele Bachmann became the queen of 2011 fundraising this quarter, bringing in a combined $2.2 million for the quarter – bigger than the $1.9 million that frontrunner Mitt Romney reported bringing in, officials confirmed for POLITICO.

Bachmann raised $1.7 million for her congressional committee, and another $500,000 for her leadership PAC, Bachmann adviser Andy Parrish said.

Of course, Romney hasn’t said he’ll run for POTUS yet. We all know he will, but nothing has been announced yet.

But then again…neither has Paul.

More as it develops…

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8 Responses to “Ron Paul Is Top GOP Fundraiser in Q1”

  1. gerryf Says:

    Nothing like a Ron Paul sighting to generate a little Donklephant traffic!

    Seriously, though, with Palin, Bachmann, and Trump running or teasing about running, Ron Paul practically looks reasonable…..

  2. kranky kritter Says:

    Um, who really believes that candidates who rely primarily on small individual donors can continue to out-fundraise candidates plugged into the big donors, once things really get going?

    When are we going to get a report on some lefty zealot eager to challenge Obama? Surely Dennis Kucinich must have his panties all atwist by now at Obama’s many “failures.”

  3. Agnostick Says:

    Not really sure what is meant by “2008 all over again.” What’s your definition of that?

    If you mean, “Will Ron Paul again ramp up a bunch of people, convince them to throw money is his direction, and then let someone like Lew Rockwell, drive his bus into the nearest ditch, while Faux News and the rest of the GOP machinery do their best to squeeze him out, eventually causing him to walk away from the whole mess without even a moment’s thought to running as an independent candidate…”

    Well, then, yes, I believe there’s a good chance that lightning will strike twice. :)

    [email protected]

  4. Nick Benjamin Says:

    Obama relied primarily on small donations. Many of them gave several times, so technically they weren’t small donors, but raising $375 million from contributions of less then $200 is a pretty big deal.

    The problem with guys like Paul is that all their supporters give money. So they get lots of money from small donors, but on election day they get their asses whipped.

    It’s possible the Tea Party can provide supporters to Paul’s well-funded campaign, but they see,m to have peaked in November.

  5. kranky kritter Says:

    So Nick, are you saying that you DO believe that Paul and Bachman can continue to out-fundraise candidates plugged into the big donors, once things really get going?

    The problem with guys like Paul is that all their supporters give money. So they get lots of money from small donors, but on election day they get their asses whipped.

    That doesn’t sound like a bug to me, it sounds like a feature.

  6. kabster Says:

    So your saying, they will railroad Ron Paul like they did in 2008?
    The man put the whole GOP pool in their place at every debate.
    The only person that makes fiscal and constitutional sense.
    YouTube Ron Paul.

  7. kranky kritter Says:

    Who is they?

    How was Paul “railroaded?”

    In what way is this different from “not preferred by a majority of republican primary voters?”

  8. Nick Benjamin Says:

    In theory either one could hold their own. Somebody who gives you $20 is likely to give a lot more if they decide you have a chance of winning. In practice both are probably screwed because they haven’t shown much ability to turn out actual voters, so they’re unlikely to have a chance of winning. Which means their people will give a symbolic donation and go home.

    This is a primary. You don’t need Billion$ to be tops. Even Hilary’s long race only cost $250 million. If Bachman has a few million supporters who really love her, and she’s got a decent chance of winning the nomination, and each gives $100, she’s beaten Hilary’s total. The trick is convincing these people she’s a $100 investment in her is a better use of their money then a $100 investment ion their local Congressional candidate.

    Remember Ron Paul raised $20 million in a quarter in 2008.

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