Ron Paul To Run For President In 2012

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Libertarian, Republicans, Ron Paul

He’s in!

From National Journal:

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he’s going to try a third time.

Sources close to Paul, who is in his 12th term in the House, said he will unveil an exploratory presidential committee, a key step in gearing up for a White House race.

He will also unveil the campaign’s leadership team in Iowa, where the first votes of the presidential election will be cast in caucuses next year.

And so, yet another GOP candidate is entering the field, but this isn’t an also ran. Ron Paul represents a very specific point of view with the GOP field and he carries with him a constituency that won’t vote for just anybody.

Let’s remember that he didn’t endorse McCain in 2008 and given his hardline stance about libertarian values, it’s unlikely he’ll endorse the GOP candidate in 2012.

And hey, good for him. Paul is an iconoclast who won’t play ball with the traditional GOP. This may make him can outcast, but at least he sticks to his guns.

More as it develops…and much more will develop no doubt!

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7 Responses to “Ron Paul To Run For President In 2012”

  1. Jane Cooper Says:

    I think he doesn’t have to big chances and will not be even close.

  2. Word Says:

    The government does not count FOOD or OIL/gasoline prices when considering inflation. Yet Gasoline and FOOD has literally DOUBLED in the last 2.5 years that Obama has been in charge.

    Hence real inflation is probably around 20 percent and unemployment is about 20 percent………OUR OBAMA MISERY INDEX IS NOW A WHOPPING………………………………………………

    40 percent………..FOURTEEEEE PERCENT!!!!!!

    are you better off today then you were 2 years ago? Even Ron Paul would be a better president then this nitwit…..

    Gasp…..oh noes….I criticized President Obama that must make me a redneck, KKK, racist.

  3. kabster Says:

    I will be there to support Ron Paul in my volunteer efforts. I will work the campaign like I did in 2008.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate I have ever truly believed in.

  4. gerryf Says:

    How I long for the days when we used to discuss Republican politicians with some real gravitas….like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump…

  5. Trescml Says:

    If you like charging at windmills, he’s your guy.

  6. Alistair Says:

    Why do I get the feeling Paul will end up running as a Libertarian in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

  7. Pat Says:

    Just like all things. Money will make biggest difference in election. Democrats have most right now. Paul would try and reform but wouldn’t succeed because of he receives no donations from big oil, or labor union either one. Just like Ross Perot laid out what was going to happen 12 years ago and it did. Ron Paul says same thing.

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