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Santorum Wins Oklahoma, Tennessee; Poised To Win Ohio

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He keeps racking up those important working class GOP strongholds and swing states. I can’t state how important the Ohio win is to the Santorum campaign. This is THE state that many pundits think the presidency hinges on. And while Santorum has roots there, he wasn’t the Senator there. Mark my words. This is a […]

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Romney Wins Virginia, Vermont and Massachusetts, But Race Tighter Than Ever

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So looks like Romney racked up some early, easy wins tonight, but if I’m in the Romney camp…I’m not a happy camper. Why? Several reasons… First, Santorum and Gingrich weren’t even on the ballot in Virginia. And while Romney did get nearly 60% of the vote…it was against Ron Paul. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. […]

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Joining The Call For Civility In Discourse

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in Partisan Nonsense, Politics

Given all of the heated rhetoric and personal attacks lately, Matt Lewis has a great suggestion: Conservatives, of course, will point to liberal examples of hatred and bitterness and say, “they do it, too!” Both sides do this. Both sides should be more civil. Both sides should show more character. But since I suspect I’m […]

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What Super Tuesday Means For The Veepstakes

By Jennn Fusion | Related entries in Veep

The big day has finally arrived. Super Tuesday is a mega-primary where 10 states hold their contests to vote for the GOP nominee: Alaska (27 delegates), Georgia (76 delegates), Idaho (32 delegates), Massachusetts (41 delegates), North Dakota (28 delegates), Ohio (66 delegates), Oklahoma (43 delegates), Tennessee (58 delegates), Vermont (17 delegates), and Virginia (49 delegates). […]

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Last of the GOP voter?

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David Frum’s problem is still obvious.

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David Frum has determined that Ron Paul “minions” (by which he means United States citizens who are supporting, contributing to, and volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign) are trying to “hijack” the Republican Convention (by which he means working to get delegates who support Ron Paul elected to the convention). How are the “minions” going to pull off this nefarious plot? This is the unbelievable part… and one hell of a scoop by David Frum… wait for it… They are going to understand the rules, bylaws, process, and etiquette for electing GOP delegates in every state, then try to get Ron Paul delegates elected. Holy crap! I mean – how underhanded can you get?

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Iran’s Nuclear Weapon

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“Hey! Two boys kissing?”

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My 5 year old daughter saw this picture while I was reading the article. The title of this post was her reaction. I answered “yup”. She asked “Why?” I said “Because they love each other.” She thought about it for about three seconds moved on to something else. I mention this because later I went […]

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