Obama’s 4 Strategies For Winning 2012

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Mark Halperin lets us know why the Obama campaign is confident…almost.

From Swampland:

First, in the view of the Obamans, Romney is still a weak candidate. His stump skills continue to be uneven at best, with speeches plagued by awkward jargon and passionless rhetoric. They believe his tenure as head of Bain Capital and his term as governor of Massachusetts conceal vulnerabilities yet to be unveiled. “No one’s ever looked at Romney’s record, and there’s a lot there,” said one senior campaign official. “He developed this set of values at Bain about what the economy is all about … Whatever it took to make money … He took that same philosophy to Massachusetts [as governor].” Obama’s team is sitting on a multimedia treasure trove of research about both phases of Romney’s career and expects to launch powerful missiles at key moments throughout the campaign, discombobulating the Republican each time.

Second, they maintain, their research suggests Romney has exactly one rhetorical path to victory, as a can-do businessman able to fix what’s broken. Chicago intends to focus as much of its formidable firepower as necessary to dismantle Romney on that front and prevent the election from becoming a referendum on the President’s economic tenure.

Third, the Obama team argues, Romney has taken many positions to the right of public opinion. The President’s team plans to throw two years’ worth of provocative statements in Romney’s face, using sophisticated micro-targeting to impacted demographics. On an unrelenting messaging loop, Hispanics will hear about Romney’s ties to the country’s most controversial anti-illegal immigration leaders and laws. Senior citizens dependent on Medicare will be told again and again about Romney’s backing of Paul Ryan’s House budget plan. Women will be warned about the threat to reproductive freedom. And on and on.

Fourth and finally, presidential politics, in the end, is all about the Electoral College. The Obama campaign’s analysis, matching recent media number crunching, indicates that Romney has a paper-thin margin of error to get to the magical 270. The map is littered with states the Republicans must take from the 2008 Democratic column in order to win, and in many of them, such as Ohio and Virginia, they are behind.

They are certainly gearing up for an epic battle, but do you agree?

Let us now in the comments!

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9 Responses to “Obama’s 4 Strategies For Winning 2012”

  1. Tully Says:

    In fewer words:

    [1] Mitt is rich. HATE THE RICH. EAT THE RICH.

    [2] Mitt is Stupid and a One-Trick Pony and his trick doesn’t work. (Note that this narrative will produce some cognitive dissonance when compared with #1 above.) Do not talk about Obama.

    [3] Trot out the evergreen Evil Other tropes.

    [4] Pray the math works out.

    IOW, go full-out base-energizing culture war and hope it distracts swing voters from the dismal economy.

  2. cranky critter Says:

    I agree that Romney’s best chance is to brand himself Mr Economic Fixit. It’s his only demonstrable plus, and it aligns with the public’s most prominent concern.

    I also agree that it makes sense to go after Romney’s biggest minus: his near-total lack of regular guy ease. Which is compounded by how very very false he seems when he tries to fake it. My take is that Romney is WAY a big loser in the “have a beer with” test.

    All of this plays right into the “out of touch rich guy” wheelhouse, like an 83 mph Jamie Moyer meatball. Democrats always want to be able to portray Republicans as rich folk who don’t understand the plight of the less fortunate. But it doesn’t work if the candidate is personable and charismatic. In this case, the meme fits like a glove.

  3. Eugene McCain Says:

    Response to “Tully says”:
    1. There is no hate the rich…zero…this is about the fact that MItt made his wealth by destroying jobs and businesses of others and grabbing other peoples retirement funds from those companies. Not a good plan for America’s economic recovery.
    2. No cognitive dissonance here…raiding failing businesses for a profit doesn’t make for a good economy President…especially when you have the same plan that Bush put forth in 2000…and after 8 years destroyed out economy. What new plan does Mitt have…???…none. Only plan…I am rich…therefore I am smart about economics. One trick pony with a trick that is smoke and mirrors.
    3. To win in the Republican Primary…Mitt had to endorse far right extreme policies.. now he gets to eat these in the general public…Obama’s team will assist.
    4. Mitt needs to do the praying and hoping that America will stumble in its recovery. He can join Boehner and McConnell in their prayers for American economic failure as his only path to the Presidency, only chance to change the Math. Math is math.

  4. Tully Says:

    Yawn. Another TB heard from.

    It boils down to a two-prong strategy, both of them quite shopworn. Class warfare and social issues. Class warfare does nothing but agitate the left base, and they’re in the tank already. In the broader middle it actually plays more to Romney’s benefit than Obama’s, thanks to overuse. Social issues may get more traction with swing voters, but a shotgun approach falls back into the long-overdone category. The one space where traction is available is in reproductive rights, and the O-team has been handling that rather ineptly so far. To make the case there they have to hook Romney (who as Mass gov was pretty good on social issues as far as the middle is concerned, ) with the evangelical psychos currently terrorizing state legislatures.

    And all of it is a desperate attempt to distract from the 800-lb gorilla that is the weak economy. Jobs are the key, and the employment ratios still suck.

  5. Tillyosu Says:

    No cognitive dissonance here…raiding failing businesses for a profit doesn’t make for a good economy President…especially when you have the same plan that Bush put forth in 2000…and after 8 years destroyed out economy.

    I have yet to hear a single person point out what specific Bush policies led to the economic collapse. Romney should push back against this bullshit line, and hard. The next time Obama says something like “they want to take us back to the policies that got us into this mess,” Romney should respond with “What specific policies are you referring to Barack? And how did they lead to the financial crisis?” Then watch Obama trip all over himself trying to explain something he clearly doesn’t understand.

    Also, Eugene, you might want to read up on the private equity industry before trashing it…and I don’t mean on DailyKos.

  6. cranky critter Says:

    If Romney volunteers to defend the Bush admin, he’s a fool. Obama would knock it out of the park. All he has to do is yammer angrily about Wall Street and the Bush tax cuts and most people will go “Yeah, that fu*^%&*kin Bush!

    The collapse happened on Bush’s watch, so that L goes in his column. That’s the rule. Not sayin’ it’s fair. Sayin it is.

  7. Exasperated Says:

    I am in agreement with cranky critter but I would add that Romney’s opposition isn’t smart enough to leave it alone and let it become apparent. Their efforts to embellish and point it out will fall flat.
    I bless the inventor of the remote control; I haven’t listened to a snarky campaign ad for years. Ankle biters who project malice, carp & whine, second guess, offer up mawkish or the chicken little scenarios and crazy caricatures are just cheesy and repulsive in my book. I find it easy to tune out the tsk,tsking, hectoring mantras of the hyper partisan crones and the folks who need a foil on to whom they can project their malice. You can rely on them to take it too far, and you can rely on them to be too obtuse and full of them selves to ever realize that they have. They have to do better than that to reach and move me.

  8. Tillyosu Says:

    All he has to do is yammer angrily about Wall Street and the Bush tax cuts and most people will go “Yeah, that fu*^%&*kin Bush!

    The collapse happened on Bush’s watch, so that L goes in his column. That’s the rule. Not sayin’ it’s fair. Sayin it is.

    That is a sad, sad indictment of the American body politic. I, for one, have more confidence in the American Voter.

    But thank you, for tacitly agreeing that the case can’t be made.

  9. cranky critter Says:

    Meh. I didn’t say it WASN’T fair either.

    Obama could also parry your fantasy moment of actual ballsiness by Romney simply by citing the bill that reformed banking regulations, piling on with a mention of some stuff that got gutted out by Republicans.

    Personally, I view the collapse of our economy as driven by a popped real estate bubble. It’s a tale where you can look long and hard without finding any white hats. Among the sea of black hats, the financial services industry figures prominently. Most folks buy this. That’s why the line you’re pretending is a lie sells so very easily.

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