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Lieberman and the Shifting Center

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Change, Democrats

On “This Week” Joe Lieberman remarked that he didn’t leave the Democrats, the Democrats left him by moving further left. This is substantively accurate as the Democrats since Bill Clinton have definitely moved from interventionalism towards isolationism and from free-trade towards protectionism. There’s little to indicate that Lieberman has changed many of his positions since […]

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Divided government and ch-ch-ch-changes

By mw | Related entries in Change, Democrats, Ideas, Republicans

“Skepticism of Mr. Obama’s “post-partisan” politics is partially developed out of a sinister second meaning appropriated by bandwagon “agents of change” — pushing an agenda through a unified government with little to no opposition. It’s not partisan because there is only one side. Yes, they could get a lot done. They could also do a lot of damage.“

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The Word For 2008: Change

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Change, Edwards, Huckabee, Romney

It’s telling how many of the candidates are saying the word “change” today. Barack obviously owns the word since he talked about it first. He understood this zeitgeist sooner than everybody else. Huckabee also says it and stands for a real change within the Republican party, definitely moreso than Barack would for the Democratic party. […]

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