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Transcript of Bill Clinton’s 2012 Democratic Convention Speech

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Don’t want to watch it? Read it! From the NY Times… PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. (Sustained cheers, applause.) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, Mr. Mayor, fellow Democrats, we are here to nominate a president. (Cheers, applause.) And I’ve got one in mind. (Cheers, applause.) […]

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VIDEO: Bill Clinton’s 2012 Democratic Convention Speech & Fact Checking His Claims

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Pretty damn spot on. He went through all of the Republicans claims point by point and seemed to lay waste to their arguments. The “We believe that “we’re all in this together” is a far better philosophy than “you’re on your own.” line was pretty spot on. But before I get ahead of myself…the speech… […]

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Watch The Democratic Convention Live

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Once again, thank you YouTube! Tweet

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Will Todd Akin’s Rape Comments Put Missouri Into Purple Column?

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If you haven’t heard Todd Akin’s comment yet…get ready… Okay, ready? Wait, are you absolutely sure? Okay…here we go… Key phrases (via TPM)… “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing […]

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96-year-old Woman Who Voted During Jim Crow Is Denied Photo ID

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The title pretty much says it all, but here’s more from the Chattanooga Times Free Press: Dorothy Cooper is 96 but she can remember only one election when she’s been eligible to vote but hasn’t. The retired domestic worker was born in a small North Georgia town before women had the right to vote. She […]

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2012 – Year of the Divided Government Dragon

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The early call: The Republicans will keep the majority in the House. Senate majority is leaning Republican but it’s too close to call. If the Republicans win the White House it is virtually certain they will also take the majority in the Senate and One Party Republican Rule will again hold sway. Voters who prefer to avoid a return to the “good old days” of 2000-2006 cannot rely on the Democrats holding the Senate, leaving only one certain way to avoid that outcome. The Divided Government vote for 2012 is a vote to re-elect Barack Obama.

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Let’s play “Clue” – Was it Mr. Corzine in the Board Room with the “Smoking Gun” E-mail?

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Looking back at Jon Corzine’s statements to Congressional committees investigating MF Global’s failure, it is clear that he knew that e-mail was out there. He used the committee hearing to lay the groundwork for a “he said / she said” defense vis-a-vis MF Global treasurer Edith O’Brien. Perhaps O’Brien simply misunderstood JC’s intent. “You gotta fix it” could easily be misinterpreted to mean something like “Raid the client accounts if you have to, but get me the time to sell this piece of crap before the street figures out we’re insolvent.” That kind of misunderstanding happens all the time.

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Oh Denny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.

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Dennis Kucinich lost his Ohio congressional seat in a hotly contested primary yesterday. The reaction from the right and left is predictable, but even some on the right are sorry to see him go.

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Watch Obama’s State Of The Union Address

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Just over an hour… Let me know what you think in the comments below! More as it develops… Tweet

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The Corzine Caper

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Dipping into MF Global client funds to backstop the firm’s heavily leveraged high risk bets on European debt is about as serious as it gets. We’re talking – Federal Felony / Criminal Fraud / Grand Theft / Go To Jail / Do Not Pass Go / Do Not Collect $200 / Throw Away The Key / – that kind of serious. If tapping segregated client funds at a broker dealer is not criminal fraud, then it is at least criminal negligence for CEO Jon Corzine.

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