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Texas Coast Still Waiting on FEMA

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Disasters, FEMA, Texas

Over two months since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast, there is still substantial damage and many state authorities are accusing FEMA of dragging its feet. Texas Governor Rick Perry has even announced he’s giving up on waiting for FEMA and will pay for the cleanup out of state coffers. He plans to stick FEMA […]

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Gustav Headed Towards Category 5

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, In The News

Forecasters are now predicting that Hurricane Gustav will become a category five storm sometime soon. As you all undoubtedly know, Gustav is the first major hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast since Katrina and Rita in 2005. The question now is: have we learned anything? Evacuation plans are in effect for New Orleans and other […]

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FEMA Trailers Back In The News

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina

We talked about this in July 2007, and now FEMA has finally issued a warning that people need to move out of their FEMA-issued trailers because they could be bad for their health. From USA Today: NEW ORLEANS — Paul Stewart knew as soon as he moved into his government-issued trailer in December 2005 that […]

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