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MO Says NO To Mandatory Healthcare

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care, health care reform, Law, Missouri

Proposition C passed by 70% last night and that has a lot of folks wondering if more states will follow suit to get initiatives like these on the ballot during times when vote turn out is extremely low. The answer, of course, is yes. Similar initiatives will be on the ballot in Arizona and Oklahoma […]

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Poll: Obama’s Healthcare Reform Opposition Waning

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As this issue becomes less politicized, more folks seem to warm to the legislation. Wait…what??? To me this is encouraging. Of course, we all know there are problems with the legislation that passed, but I think we can also collectively agree that the current system is completely unsustainable. So some type of fix had to […]

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The Practice Of Rescission Is No Longer

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Good Decisions, Health Care, health care reform

Do know that without the health care legislation…this wouldn’t have happened. From Politico: “While many health plans already abide by the standards outlined in the new law, our community is committed to implementing the new standards in May 2010 to ensure that individuals and families will have greater peace of mind when purchasing coverage on […]

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Requiem For A Health Care Reform Dream

By mw | Related entries in Budget, Democrats, Economy, health care reform, Obama, Republicans

The Affordable Health Care for America Act is a bad piece of legislation that will have negative consequences for our economy and country and should never have become law. On that one point many liberals, conservatives and libertarians agree. Perhaps President Obama has simply fulfilled the campaign promise of a post-partisan political environment in Washington D.C. Due to his efforts, many Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Liberals and Conservatives are now united – in opposition to the BFD that is the Obama Health Care Reform hairball.

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March MADness

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Health Care Reform Millstone

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in health care reform

Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen have an editorial in today’s Washington Post that carries a warning for Democrats. And while the message is one that has been around a while, the messengers this time are different. Caddell has been a thorn in Democrat’s side since 1988, with sharp criticism for the party’s direction. […]

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Republican Ryan for the Rebound

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in health care reform

While health care reform remains near the bottom of the list of the public’s concerns, with recent polling averaging at 53% opposed to the Democrat’s plans, policymakers realize the impact of future medical and Medicare costs still matter. They exert direct influence one of the biggest concerns Americans have: the ballooning deficit and burgeoning public […]

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Politicos Peruse President’s Populist Pivot

By mw | Related entries in Banks, Fiscal Responsibility, health care reform, Politics

The President is on the stump, giving speeches, sitting for interviews, and conducting town-halls in a media blitz supporting the financial system reform initiative. He campaigned on this reform and his administration has promoted several iterations of the bill since taking office. In the meantime, Democrats in the House and Senate are crafting reform bills that are inconsistent (if not incompatible) with each other and with the President’s promises.

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Healthcare: Now What?

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in health care reform

It’s been a bad week for Democrats. Republican Scott Brown won the special election for the Senate seat formerly held by Sen. Ted Kennedy, leading to predictions that the House and Senate will not be able to cram through their strictly partisan health care reform bill. To add to the nervousness already felt by the […]

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Jim Webb: No Votes Until Brown Is Seated

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Health Care, health care reform, Massachusetts, Republicans

And I agree. Because even though Kennedy championed this health care legislation, Massachusetts didn’t elect a Dem this time around. That’s how democracy works. From The Hill… “In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process,” Webb […]

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