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Bill Clinton Is Having Another Affair?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Billary, Democrats, Hillary, Hillary Clinton

I usually don’t get into the politics or personal destruction because, to me, what’s between two people and their relationship is between those two people. However… The war room within a war room dismissed or discredited much of the gossip floating around, but not all of it. The stories about one woman were more concrete, […]

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Quote Of The Day – Unreliable Sources

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cheney, Foreign Policy, Hillary, Quotes

“I don’t consider him a particularly reliable source of information.” – Hillary Clinton on Dick Cheney Washington Post has more on the “Return of Hillary Clinton“ It wasn’t the most stirring defense, but a defense it was, and it served as a reminder of Clinton’s relatively low-profile in the first months of her tenure. To […]

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Self-Respect Watch: Congressman admits feeling like a “freshman at the senior prom”

By Darren Garnick | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, General Politics, Hillary, Maryland, Minnesota, News, Polls

Barack Obama is now turning Wednesdays into his own upscale version of Chamber of Commerce/Rotary Club mixers, serving up cocktails, Maryland crab, Wagyu beef, Nantucket scallops and citrus salad — according to a recent Associated Press review of 2009 White House parties. I confess to not knowing what Wagyu beef is, but I do know […]

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Conservative Dem Kirsten Gillibrand Picked For Hillary’s Seat

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hillary, New York, Senate

What a difference a day makes… ALBANY – Gov. Paterson, defying the liberal wing of his Democratic Party, has chosen little-known, NRA-backed, upstate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as New York’s junior senator, it was learned last night. The surprising – and, for many Democrats shocking – decision to pick the conservative […]

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Hillary Eats $13.1 Million

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hillary, History, Money

She tried to hold fundraisers to drive down the total, but after Bill’s post-presidency fundraising was revealed recently, I can understand why she put a stop to it and just ate the remaining. But that doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods yet… According to fillings with the Federal Election Commission, Mrs. Clinton forgave a […]

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Hillary Tells Supporters To Back Off

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hillary, New York, Senate

She doesn’t want to be involved in the “Stop Caroline” campaign in any way, and she’s making that crystal clear. From Politico: Prominent Clinton supporters, including Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), union leader Stuart Applebaum and fundraiser Robert Zimmerman, recently expressed skepticism about the choice, suggesting that Clinton’s supporters would see naming Kennedy — a crucial […]

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Caroline Kennedy Is Seeking NY Senate Seat

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hillary, New York, Senate

It’s official. She wants it. And frankly, it could be refreshing to have somebody who hasn’t been a diehard political operative in that seat. From Politico: Her move raises the pressure on New York Governor David Paterson either to choose her or to select someone else soon, as Kennedy’s rivals for the seat have already […]

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Obama’s Speechwriter In Hot Water Over Hillary Joke

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, History

Obama’s golden wordsmith, Jon Favreau, is the guy on the left, and while this is certainly a big nothingburger, he has still had to apologize for it. From Wash Post: Asked about the photos, Favreau, who was recently appointed director of speechwriting for the White House, declined comment. A transition official said that Favreau had […]

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Bill Will Not Seek Hill’s Seat

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Not that this was ever really a realistic scenario, given that he’d have to give up his jet setting lifestyle to do a thankless job…but this was speculation we just couldn’t pass up. From CNN: Responding to such speculation, Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna tells CNN that “it’s completely false. President Clinton is excited to expand […]

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Bill Clinton For Senate?

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in Billary, Democrats, Hillary, Senate

With Hillary Clinton headed to Foggy Bottom in January, speculation about her successor is heating up: The task of choosing a successor falls to David Paterson, New York’s Democratic governor. Whomever he picks would serve for two years, before a special election in November 2010 to decide who fills the last two years of Clinton’s […]

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