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Libertarian Seasteading Gains Traction With Deep Pockets

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We first wrote about the idea of seasteading (building new countries offshore on oil platforms) in 2009. At the time, I had this to offer… No doubt it’s an interesting notion, but is this practical? Living on the sea? Just think of how much risk that could entail. Of course you’d do the research to […]

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Happy Belated Labor Day – Ike’s advice.

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“It is difficult indeed to maintain a reasoned and accurately informed understanding… on the part of our citizenry when many prominent officials, possessing no standing or expertness except as they themselves claim it, attempt to further their own ideas or interests by resort to statements more distinguished by stridency than by accuracy.” – Ike

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To Dream The (Im)Possible Health Care Reform Dream

By mw | Related entries in Congress, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Ideas

Justin Gardner (Donk Quixote) and Mike Wallach (Phanto), endeavor to tilt at windmills (With apologies to Miguel de Cervantes). Justin is a registered Democrat, considers himself an independent but views the world from the left side of the political spectrum. Mike most recently registered as a Republican, but considers himself primarily a fiscal conservative, deficit hawk, and a libertarian leaning independent. They find common ground in the Health Care Reform debate.

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Government Looking To Downsize Cities

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ideas, United States

It started in Flint, Michigan, but it could be extended to other blighted communities across the nation. From Telegraph: The radical experiment is the brainchild of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, which includes Flint. Having outlined his strategy to Barack Obama during the election campaign, Mr Kildee has now been approached by the US […]

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Seasteading: Libertarians Taking To The Sea For Fun And Freedom

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ideas, Libertarian, The World, WTF?

I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it, but “Seasteading” is a serious idea, it’s being backed by Milton Friedman’s grandson and they’ve apparently already raised more than a half a million dollars to realize their dream of building communities…on the sea! Here’s more from Reason: Patri Friedman was doing all […]

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Just Vote Divided.

By mw | Related entries in Ideas

We are a highly polarized partisan electorate. Yes, we had our left leg of civil liberties amputated below the knee by six years of Republican one party rule. But installing Democrat one party rule is more likely to amputate our right leg of economic freedom than it is to replace the left.

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Carnival of Divided Government

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The fundamental question is whether American’s preference for divided government will be sufficient to overcome their anger and desire to punish Republicans for the disaster of the Bush administration.

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George Will: A veto we can believe in.

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McCain is going to need an argument that will attract more moderates, centrists, independents, and libertarians to win. George Will has identified that argument

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The Coalition of the Divided

By mw | Related entries in Barack, Ideas, Libertarian, McCain

This election choice is not really between “Experience” vs. “Change”, nor is it between “Experience” vs. “Experience”, nor is it between “Change” vs. “Change“. This election is not really even between McCain vs. Obama considered in a political vacuum. Since the Democrats will increase their majority in the House and Senate, this election is actually about choosing between single party or divided government in 2009.

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A pervasive public mood for change. Or not.

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In their acceptance speeches both candidates endeavored to define and promote the “change” they represent. Obama offered an unremarkable litany of liberal Democratic policy positions. McCain offered an unremarkable litany of conservative Republican policy positions. So each candidate, acutely aware of a “palpable public mood for change“, wrapped themselves in the rhetoric of change, then explicitly pitched the proposition that the same partisan bromides that Republicans and Democrats have been flogging for decades represent the change that the public seeks. Tough sell.

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