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Gates Likely to Stay On at Defense

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Obama Appointments, War

This had been the rumor for awhile. Now, it’s apparently close to being official. Robert Gates will stay on as Defense Secretary in Barack Obama’s administration. Reports are Gates will stay for at least a year. Well, Obama promised to have some Republicans in his administration. This certainly counts. And it’s a good move because […]

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Is Obama Being Too Cautious On Economy?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Economy, Liberalism, Obama Appointments

William Greider of The Nation wonders if Barack Obama’s recent appointments indicate he won’t be the progressive savior many of the left hoped he’d be. Obama’s choices have begun to define him. His victory, it appears, was a triumph for the cautious center-right politics that has described the Democratic party for several decades. Those of […]

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Obama’s National Security/Foreign Policy Team Shaping Up

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Foreign Policy, Obama Appointments, The War On Terrorism, War

According to current reports, this could be Barack Obama’s national security/foreign affairs team: Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano National Security Advisor: Gen. Jim Jones, a retired 4-star Marine Corps general who actually supported John McCain but is considered pragmatic and very […]

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Geithner Selected to Head Treasury

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Economy, Obama Appointments

Word has leaked that Barack Obama has selected New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary. Wall Street liked the news. The Dow rose nearly 500 points after news broke of Geithner’s forthcoming appointment. Geithner seems in line with many of Obama’s other selections: experienced, intelligent and respected by colleagues. Geithner served in […]

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Daschle Will Bring a Lot to the Health Care Debate

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Health Care, Obama Appointments

As previously reported, Barack Obama has chosen Tom Daschle to head Health and Human Services and serve as the point-man on health care reform. So, is he up to the task? Well, he’ll definitely come prepared with some ideas. In fact, he’s written a book on the issue. And, he’s written numerous articles advancing his […]

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Bill Clinton May Make Concessions to Help Hillary Get State Job

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Billary, Foreign Policy, Hillary, Obama Appointments

The will-she-or-won’t-she questions surrounding Hillary Clinton and the State Department took yet another turn this morning. Seems like Bill Clinton is willing to make some concessions to help his wife land the job: Clinton has agreed to release the names of several major donors to his charitable foundation and will submit future foundation activities and […]

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Hillary Clinton May Turn Down State Offer

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Foreign Policy, Hillary, Obama Appointments

The air-tight campaign of Barack Obama has turned into the leak-a-minute transition of president-Elect Obama. Floating names is obviously important but, if things don’t work out, it can make Obama’s team look sloppy. Is that what’s about to happen with the whole Hillary Clinton at State scenario? Apparently, she may not be interested. Hillary Rodham […]

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Lobbyists Restricted from Obama Transition Team

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Lobbying, Obama Appointments

During the campaign, Barack Obama promised to curtail the power of lobbyists if he was elected president. Now, he’s apparently tyring to live up to that promise: President-elect Barack Obama will bar lobbyists from helping to pay the costs of his transition to power or working for it in any area in which they have […]

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A sneak peek at Jay Inslee: potential Energy Secretary for Obama

By American News Project | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Obama Appointments, Video, Washington

Hey, this is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project, with our first report on the Obama transition. Here’s a first look at Jay Inslee, who appears on the shortlists for Prez-Elect Obama’s Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Energy.. Tweet

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Potential Cabinet Selections

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Obama Appointments

The AP has put together a list of names of those being considered for cabinet positions within the Barack Obama administration. There are too many names to list and go into here. But take a peek. It’s an interesting selection of Obama loyalists, Democratic retreads and outside-the-box considerations. The one I’d like to see the […]

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