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Gov’t Doc Reveals Gulf Oil Gusher Could Yield Shocking 2M+ Gallons A Day

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Oil

A leaked document tells a sobering tale of 10x the amount we thought was escaping the ocean floor before… “The following is not public,” reads the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Emergency Response document dated April 28. “Two additional release points were found today in the tangled riser. If the riser pipe deteriorates further, the […]

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Drill Baby Drill vs Spill Baby Spill

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Oil

The equivalent of 5,000 barrels of oil are being dumped into the gulf…every…single…day. Folks, we’re looking at a disaster bigger than Exxon Valdez. It’s that serious. And that could have devastating effects on our economy. From Fox News: The shrimp season begins in early May, as the shrimp move from estuaries out to sea, Long […]

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Cellulosic Ethanol no longer in its infancy

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Business, Economic recovery, Economy, Energy, Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Fiscal stimulus, Gas, News, Oil, Politics, Polls, Science, Spending, Stimulus, Technology

Thanks to Justin and company for welcoming me on here as a regular contributor. I will be posting on a number of issues, but one area you can expect that I will regularly be tracking is technology related developments and how they interact with the political world and policy. I also live less than ten […]

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Palin Still Doesn’t See How “Socialist” Alaska Really Is?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Oil, Palin, Republicans, Video

Found this on Political Wire and it’s typical of the nonsense we heard from her during the campaign… Palin: We are the only state with a negative tax rate where we don’t have any income, sales or property tax statewide, and yes we have a share of our oil resource revenue that goes back to […]

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Offshore Exploration/Drilling Would Create Jobs

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Energy, Jobs, Oil

While attending the Offshore Technology Conference earlier this week (on sponsorship by the American Petroleum Institute), one truth became very apparent: opening up the outer continental shelf to oil and gas exploration would create a lot of jobs. Right now, our government is spending hundreds of billions in an effort to revitalize the economy, but […]

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The Enemy to Off-Shore Drilling?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Oil

Today at the Offshore Technology Conference (which I am at on sponsorship by the American Petroleum Institute), I attended a panel discussion titled: The Case for Access to Oil and Gas Resources on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. As the title and graphic to my post probably reveal, the panel was less reasonable than the […]

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Finding Common Ground on Energy Policy

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Legislation, Oil

From today through mid-week, I’m in Houston attending the Offshore Technology Conference. I’m here on the sponsorship of the American Petroleum Institute which has brought in a cadre of bloggers, presumably to help generate coverage and discussion of petroleum issues. Since I believe energy and climate change policy will be some of the most important […]

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Investment Banks Hoarding Oil Offshore?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Business, Energy, Gas, Money, Oil

Following up on my earlier post about oil speculation, there’s news that 50 million barrels of oil are being hoarded on supertankers. The market calls it “contango.” I call it irresponsible. From Marketplace… “Contango” refers to a market condition in which the future price of a commodity is higher than the cost of buying it […]

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60 Minutes Looks At Oil Speculation In 2008

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Gas, Oil, Video

And they find that the folks who were trying to make a quick buck were affecting oil prices far more than the normal market forces of supply and demand. Gee, that sounds oddly familiar… Last year I argued time and time again that the energy speculators were the cause and that supply and demand couldn’t […]

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Truck And SUV Sales Up?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Cars, Economy, Energy, Gas, Oil

I’m glad to see we learned our lesson… From CNN: After nearly a year of flagging sales, low gas prices and fat incentives are reigniting America’s taste for big vehicles. Trucks and SUVs will outsell cars in December, according to researchers at the automotive Website, something that hasn’t happened since February. Meanwhile the forecast […]

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