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3 Creative Things to Do With Your Vacation Photos

Each year, more than one trillion photos are captured across the globe. Thanks to smartphones, we are never far from a camera and can easily capture important memories.

But, what do you actually do with all those photos sitting on your phone? Don’t let them just sit in your phone storage. If your phone breaks or your data is cleared, you could lose all of your photos in seconds. 

Start preserving those memories by doing something with your photos. Keep reading to discover creative ways to get your stunning vacation photos off your phone.


1. Create a Photo Book

In previous years, parents would spend hours laying out scrapbooks to preserve precious family moments. This involved developing rolls of film, choosing the perfect images, and using stickers or borders to complete the pages. But, when digital photos came around, that time-consuming practice fell to the wayside. 

But, thanks to technology, you can now create photo books online and have them delivered straight to your door. Start by finding an online photo book retailer. Then, choose the vacation pictures you want to see in print. 

If you have a lot of photos, that doesn’t mean you need to have a never-ending photo book. Instead, use online photo collage templates to fit multiple photographs onto one page without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your photos, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping them into the photo book template. Once you’re happy with your layout, complete the book and pay for your order. Then, when it’s delivered, find a place in your home to proudly display your memories. 

2. Make a Vacation Video

Like scrapbooks, the family video is a family tradition that isn’t as popular as it once was. Instead, our memories are captured in second-long videos that are uploaded to social media and quickly forgotten about. But, if you’re wondering what to do with travel photos, combine them into a vacation video. 

Start by gathering all your photos and short videos from your vacation. Ask other family members and friends who traveled with you to contribute their own content too. 

Then, use a video editing tool to combine everything together. Add a royalty-free song to the background to complete the video. Then, make sure to upload it to social media and transfer it onto a CD or DVD to safely store it. 

3. Start a Travel Blog

The last thing to consider for vacation picture ideas is to start a travel blog. 

There are many free blogging sites that allow you to upload your own photos and written copy. This allows you to write about your trip and use your favorite photos or videos to add to your content. 

The great thing about a travel blog is that you can add to the website after each vacation. The memories remain online and you can revisit your favorite memories from any device at any time. 

Once Your Vacation Photos Are Sorted, Move Onto the Rest of Your Photos

Using these ideas, you can preserve your vacation photos for years to come.

But, don’t let the momentum stop with just your vacation photos. All of the above ideas can be used for photos from any part of your life. Create a photobook of your children’s first years, a video of holiday celebrations over the years, or a blog with your cooking photos. 

Looking for apps or technology to help you sort through all those photos? Browse the rest of this site for tech how-tos to help you.  

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