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4 Radio Advertising Examples to Help You Plan Your Campaigns

It’s surprising for many, but radio still has prominence in our video and online-orientated world. People continue to tune in to their favorite frequencies, online or with a more traditional radio platform.

However, one aspect of radio has been evolving: Marketers are now viewing radio as a way to reach, recognize, and reward their brands. And it’s for this reason that they create radio ad campaigns.

Now, let’s take a look at four radio advertising examples to help you plan your campaigns.


1. Live Read Radio Campaigns

The term “radio live-read” refers to when a show is broadcast live. Your company will reserve a slot on one of the broadcasts for a live read, and the announcer will inform the audience about your company while the show is broadcast. They can sometimes use a radio advertisement script that you provide them with, or speak in their own words.

In a live reading, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You will be a focal point in the show, and you will be heard, seen, and appreciated. A solid tip here is to select an announcer that you think will portray your company in a positive light.

You can hear this ad type on the Howard Stern Show, for example.

2. Sponsored Radio Ads

The radio station will play your ad between shows or during commercial breaks in sponsored radio ad campaigns.

Think of sponsored radio ads like video advertisements on TV during commercial breaks. Or similar to how Youtube puts ads between videos. They are professionally produced and have a specific run time, usually between 10 to 30 seconds.

Many companies hire professionals to create an effective campaign. You can hear these types of radio ads on KIIS FM, for example.

3. Radio Testimonial Ads

This form of radio advertising blends the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing with the power of radio advertising. It’s also a kind of sponsored radio ad.

In this type of advertisement, a person will offer a testimonial on a brand’s product or service that they have used. This gives others confidence in a brand because it comes from someone who has used it.

One of the most powerful methods to be heard, seen, and loved is through radio testimonies. People want to trust brands more than ever since there are so many options for products and services now.

4. Jingle Radio Ads

Jingles are “earworms,” or catchy lyrics and melodies that radio advertisers use in sponsored radio ads. We’ve all heard a good few jingles in our lives, and you might even be able to remember one now.

Often, companies pay for a high volume of ads over a lengthy period with this type of radio advertising. The idea is to have listeners remember your jingle and thus remember your company and what you do. It also can create free advertising when some people sing the catchy tune to their friends and families.

Learn more about how you can create a memorable jingle for your business. The radio advertising costs for jingle ads might surprise you!

Radio Advertising Examples Explained

The idea of this post isn’t to give you specific radio advertising examples. Instead, it’s to explain various ways to advertise your business through the medium of radio successfully. 

So good luck with any radio advertising you decide to embark on. And thanks for reading! Also, if you have a moment, please consider checking out some of our other helpful blog posts.

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