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5 Amazing CRM Apps That Every Business Should Know About

Gone are the days of simple spreadsheets with a handful of reliable suppliers and clients. Now, you need to be able to automate emails, listen to social media, and update contact information all in one go.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software does all of the above, and much more. From managing your monthly pipeline to improving lead quality, there are lots of CRM apps to help nurture client relationships and grow your business.


Essential CRM Apps You Absolutely Have to Try

A good CRM app has an intuitive interface, is simple to use, and makes customer management a seamless task. These five apps have all of those qualities – and more besides.

1. Zoho Sales and Marketing

The Zoho Sales and Marketing app lets you manage your sales essentials on-the-go. From arranging your daily schedule to team collaboration, this app turns customer relationship management into an easy dream.

Real-time reporting, notes and attachments, and even geo-location visit planning for sales reps are just some of the features that come as standard.

2. Copper CRM for GSuite

If you use Gsuite for business documents, contact management, and team collaboration, you need to try the Copper app.

Previously known as ProsperWorks, this app allows top-notch sales reps out in the field to manage leads on-the-go. From logging call notes to setting reminders, it’s easy to use and integrates fully with GSuite tools.

3. Pie Sync

If you use several different apps for CRM, email marketing, invoicing, and e-commerce, managing your contacts becomes a chore.

PieSync, a contact sync app, solves the problem. It’ll bring together contact information across a wide range of commonly-used apps for instant real-time contact data.

PieSync integrates with 165 other apps and programs. When you update your contact information in one app, this syncs across all integrated apps, saving you significant time.

4. HelloLeads

If you want to improve your lead quality and refine the lead generation process, give the HelloLeads app a go.

Use it to improve your lead response time, deliver high-quality leads, and nurture potential leads through to conversion. In-depth reports and sales tracking analytics will motivate your marketing team to hone a slick and time-saving sales funnel.

5. Batchbook

Listen in on what your contacts are saying about you on social media with the Batchbook app.

Manage your contacts, track conversations, and keep an eye on what your customers are saying about you on their social media accounts. You can even automate standard emails and reminders so that you have more time for all-important relationship building tasks.

Integrating with key apps such as Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and Freshbooks, Batchbook does everything a small business or freelancer needs from a CRM app.

Do Apps Help or Hinder Compliance?

CRM apps are perfect for managing your customer data. However, with integrated apps ‘talking’ to each other and sharing data for a seamless business experience, how do you know you’re still compliant?

From industry-specific regulations to international data laws such as GDPR, compliance is a big problem when you use lots of apps for business. Make sure you’re using data safely.

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