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5 Applications of Machine Learning That Impact Everyday Life

You might think machine learning and artificial intelligence are straight out of a science fiction movie.

However, you might be surprised to learn the applications of machine learning in your day to day life. You most likely benefit from it daily, without even realizing it.

What is machine learning? Simply, it is a form of artificial intelligence in which machines learn without being specifically programmed. It’s cutting edge, fascinating, and improving the lives of all of us.

Read on to learn the top five ways that machine learning impacts our day to day life, at home, in the workplace, and in our leisure time.


1. Automated Transportation

We all know driverless cars are under development, although they aren’t quite part of our everyday life yet. We do know they will be a big part of the future of machine learning though and it will be exciting to watch it happen.

However, many other forms of transportation are either completely or partially automated, thanks to the benefits of machine learning.

If you’ve flown on a commercial aircraft lately, then you’ve benefited from machine learning. Modern airplane flight is largely automated, using a flight management system that uses computers, motion sensors, and GPS to keep track of location in the air.

In major cities, we often ride driverless public transportation, such as subway or metro cars. Even with no driver or staff members on board, machine learning can control the logistics of public transportation, keeping to timetables and automatically starting and stopping.

It is completely safe, reliable, and gives our cities additional public transport options.

2. Smart Homes

Smart home technology is a huge benefit of artificial intelligence in everyday life. They allow us to monitor, control, and enjoy our homes like never before.

What is a smart home? Smart homes are homes that are built or operated using automation and controls to operate the home. Tasks that were traditionally done physically in person, such as turning on the oven or switching off the lights, can now be done by technology, from anywhere in the world.

Smart homes are controlled via machine learning, and allow us to do a lot of amazing things in the home, or via remote access from our smartphones.

You can turn off and on lights, open and close the garage door, unlock the front door to let in a neighbor, or access and monitor a security system.

Though a home hub, such as Google Home Nest or Amazon Alexa, control all of the features of your home and enjoy the innovation and convenience of a smart home.

They can add a lot of safety features to your home and cameras and microphones let you keep an eye on your kids, pets, or loved ones while they are in the house and you’re elsewhere.

3. Digital Assistants

If you’ve used Siri or Alexa on your phone to ask for directions, then you’re aware of the amazing uses of having a digital assistant in your pocket.

Digital assistants are powered by machine learning and are continuously learning our preferences, location, and schedules to customize their services to us.

This technology is great for asking the time, finding a restaurant, or checking movie times, but they are also fantastic in the business sector.

They are not only on our phones but can be found on fitness trackers, GPS systems, laptops, and integrated with our smart home systems, so you’re never caught out without your trusted assistant.

Remote machine learning has a lot of advantages for your business, including data modeling and improving the client experience.

4. Online Customer Support

Have you ever engaged with a business or a social media account via a chatbot? Often, when we contact a business online via their online support, your first interaction will be via a chatbot, powered by machine learning.

By analyzing the answers to your questions, the online support can tailor their replies or forward your query to the appropriate customer support person. Unlike traditional customer service, chatbots operate 24/7 and are always available to answer your questions.

This is also seen in e-commerce stores, as machine learning can be used for businesses to show you ads online, based on the websites you’ve visited recently.

Whether you find this beneficial or annoying, there’s no doubt that machine learning plays a huge role in customer support and marketing of online businesses.

5. Fraud Detection

Bank fraud is a consumer’s worst nightmare. Whether your wallet and bank cards have been physically stolen or if your online banking details have been compromised, there’s nothing worse than finding out that a criminal has made charges from your credit card or bank account.

However, the good news is that, should this happen, you are likely to receive a notification, such as a phone call or text message from your bank. They can instantly notify you that fraudulent activity has been noticed.

How is this done? Via machine learning!

Your bank is constantly monitoring your bank account use— where you make purchases, what time of day, and frequency of use.

As soon as an unusual transaction occurs, the bank’s machine learning triggers an alert. This lets you cancel your cards instantly, stopping any further use.

Sometimes, if you are interstate or happen to make an out-of-the-ordinary purchase, you may receive the same notice from your bank. Even if it was in error, fraud detection is a fantastic reassurance for peace of mind when using your bank account.

Convinced of the Applications of Machine Learning?

Are you surprised by all of the daily benefits of artificial intelligence? As they say, the future is now, and the benefits from the applications of machine learning are all around us.

Machine learning is an incredible tool that is making our lives safer, helping us connect with others, and improving accuracy and efficiency in businesses and websites. Once you stop to look for it, you’ll find that machine learning is all around you.

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