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5 Benefits an Access Control System Brings to Any Business

Are you looking for ways to limit the number of people who have access to specific areas of your company? Do you feel that your security needs an upgrade? If so, then you need to look into an access control system for your property.

Doing so can help you keep tabs on your entire business model. You can ensure that only the right personnel is getting into specific areas. You can give authorization to those that use your facilities.

See below for an in-depth guide on the benefits of investing in and integrating an access control system for your company and its facilities.


1. Lessen the Risk of Theft

Studies have shown that US businesses lose up to $110 million per day from the crimes of an in-house employee. Theft is one of the most primary crimes among them.

These are rarely one-and-done instances. If an employee steals from you once, they’re highly likely to do it again.

In fact, other studies have shown that an employee sets a theft scheme that lasts up to 14 months before an employer detects it. It can quickly start a downward spiral for your entire staff.

The best way to stop theft in the workplace is to take preventative measures. An access control system can help you eliminate theft in your workplace.

Oftentimes, an employee might try to steal from other departments or areas of the building to minimize suspicion. With an access control panel installed, you can block workers from entering areas of the building they have no business being in.

This is especially useful when controlling the foot traffic inside your storage areas. You can keep track of who’s going in there, at what times, how often, and for what purpose.

You can also pair these with security cameras to see which of your employees is going into the storage area and what they come out with.

2. Protection for Your Staff

Unfortunately, we live in a very unpredictable world. That unpredictability doesn’t end when your employees come into your office space to perform their jobs. 

Without proper precautions, you could be risking their health and safety from unwanted or unexpected guests looking to cause harm. 

An access control system will stop that unwanted guest before they can even make it into the door. It will block out anyone without a proper code to enter, and can even alert local authorities if the guest continues to try and break in or wait to walk in behind someone else.

The only people that can get into your company’s building are those that you authorize access to. You’ll have 100-percent certainty that no unwelcomed personnel is entering or leaving your facility.

But don’t stop there! After setting up your access control system, be sure to put your entire staff through a safety training seminar.

Update them on how the access control system works, educate them on workplace safety, and best practices for if danger were to occur. This will give you more peace of mind, knowing your staff is prioritizing workplace safety as much as you are.

3. Improved Monitoring

Many companies hire security guards to protect their company, as well as its facilities and staff members. But are you giving those guards enough resources to do their job efficiently?

An access control system can help you and your security staff to monitor your property much closer. It can help you keep a record of your staff and guests down to the very minute they arrive/leave your facility.

A door access control system can also help you keep your staff accountable for their attendance. It can be used to track the time and attendance of your workers, which can be beneficial for watching both hourly and salaried workers.

It can also help you keep a roll call if an emergency were to ever occur. Use this guide to access control to further understand the benefits of an access control system.

4. No Need for Keys

Keys are very inefficient for the modern workplace. Especially considering that the average turnover rate is 19-percent.

With that kind of turnover ratio, you can expect to switch out the keys to your facility to 1 out of every 5 employees each year. Not ideal for an efficient workplace.

If a worker quits without turning in their key, you’re left to switch out your locks to ensure they can’t access it any longer. That means new keys for the entire staff as well.

With access control, you can simply switch out the code or remove their card from the system. It can be done in a matter of minutes!

5. Control of Multiple Shifts

The companies with the most trouble with access control are those that have multiple shifts over 24 hours. If you give keys to all your workers without any way to filter their control, they have access to the facility at any point during the day.

With an access control system, you can regulate their hours. The system will ensure they have access to the facility during their shift but are closed off when their shift ends.

This can help you find a bit more organization in your workflow management. It also goes a long way towards reducing theft and increasing workplace safety.

Find the Right Access Control System for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all of the different ways that an access control system can help your company thrive, it’s time to find the right system for your needs.

Take the time to compare a few side by side. Remember, it’s all about finding the highest return on your investment, without spending over your preferred budget.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on workplace security, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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