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5 Best Wifi Routers Under 100 Dollars You Should Buy

With the latest FCC authorization for WiFi 6E at the end of December 2020, many people are excited to know when they can get their hands on the latest technology.

WiFi 6E is probably half a year away from being marketed flawlessly, but for now, you can find the best WiFi 6 routers under 100 dollars for 2021. These are tried and true winners for your wireless internet needs. Whether in a home office, casual gaming, or sharing resources with a family, these top five routers will get the job done.

We’ve put them on this list due to speed, range, security, features, and number of supported connections.

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1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 R6700

The Nighthawk R6700 WiFi router can easily be found for under $100. The Nighthawk App makes it a breeze to set up. Though, you might want to have your IT service provider get it set up if you are using it for high-speed connections within an office or WFH environment.

If you have an internet-heavy family or work environment, This might be the option with the largest broadband. Even large multistory homes don’t need extenders with this router, and it connects to all your devices at once seamlessly.

It has a USB port for private “cloud” storage capability, Ethernet ports for entertainment devices to connect with minimal latency, and supports VPN.

Dual-band, it runs b/g/n on 2.4Ghz and a/n/ac on 5Ghz, covering all current retail 802.11 standards.

2. TP-Link Archer C7

TP-Link has outdone themselves with an economical, powerful, WiFi router, boasting the 802.11ac standard. With the Archer C7 you can also connect a portable HDD or SSD via USB and access via FTP server remotely.

Remotely manage the router with the Tether App.


The ASUS RT-ACRH13 dual-band WiFi router has a quad-core processor and USB 3.0 for fast data transfer and responsive data handling. MU-MIMO technology means that if you have multiple devices the RT-ACRH13 won’t take a performance hit.

It’s able to provide a stable connection with multiple downloads and streams at once, on multiple devices. Four 5dBi antennas ensure that performance in tandem with MU-MIMO.

4. Netgear AC1200 R6230

While not as powerful as our #1 spot, the Netgear R6230 holds its own as a sturdy entry-level option far below $100. While it doesn’t have the range or power as its big brother, it offers up to 20 devices and 1200 sqft coverage.

It also sports connectivity through the Nighthawk App for easy setup and management. Coupled with SPI and NAT firewall and DoS protection, and you have a solid online companion.

5. Linksys EA6350

This little router rounds out our top 5 best wifi routers under $100 list nicely, with USB 3.0, Gigabit ports, and 802.11ac speeds. Understated, but not underpowered, the Linksys EA6350 does what you need and more with beamforming technology included!

The 5 Best WiFi Routers Under 100 Dollars

The best wifi routers under 100 dollars are far from duds and can handle just about anything you throw at them.

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