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5 Browsers To Consider For Your Flash Games


Many people Flash games through their browser to pass the time. But, with so many browsers to choose from, people don’t really know which browser is deal for playing Flash games. Here are a few browsers to consider for your game playing fun:


Chrome runs many Flash Player games and doesn’t take up a lot of resources. Many of its game will run smoothly and won’t freeze or stop randomly.


This browser lets you play games smoothly, but it can load slower than other browsers. Most people don’t have the patience to wait for a game to load. On top of that, Firefox offers an array of add-ons that help speed the browser up and improves gaming performance. However, it uses a lot of RAM as well.

Internet Explorer

Many people still use Internet Explorer for their browsing needs. When it comes to security though, it’s not the ideal browser. If you want to play Flash games, you really should consider another browser.


Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge, is much better than IE and can run Flash games fairly smoothly. But, browsing can take up a lot of resources, which is why you need to see if your laptop can use it without problems.


This is a fairly good browser – perhaps even better than Firefox – to run Flash games. When dealing with security though, Operate isn’t the ideal choice.


What You Should Keep In Mind

google chrome

It appears that Chrome is the best browser to play Flash games. The browser is equipped with Flash and can keep users safe from hacker attacks. Both Opera and Firefox work similarly to Chrome, so if you’re not a fan of Chrome, they are two worthwhile options to choose from.

How To View Flash Content On Your Apple Device

One problem iPhone and iPad users have is the lack of Flash support on iOS devices. It doesn’t mean that you can’t view flash content; you just need to find apps through the App Store to lets you do this.

Why Is Flash Content Not Available On Apple Devices

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs was not a big fan of Flash on mobile devices and refused to enable the technology on the iOS platform. Jobs, instead, went to find something else and came across the HTML 5 standard, a program that was already in the process of replacing Flash on the Internet.

In 2012, Adobe also shut off new Flash installs for Google Play Store, which meant Android device owners would no longer have access to it on their devices.

However, if you’re an Apple device owner, you can still view Flash Player content on your device, but you need a third-party browser to ensure that happens. Two very popular apps include Puffin and Photon.

  • Photon – This is a very popular Flash content app among Apple device users; a replacement for the devices’ Safari browser. It comes with a Flash mode that’s active when users tap the lightning bolt icon at the top right-hand side. Bear in mind that turning it on means the browser will run a little slower. For iPhone owners, the cost is €3.99. For iPad owners, the cost is €4.99.
  • Puffin – This app lets you test the free version out before you pay the €3.99 full version that’s compatible with the iPhone and iPad. If you need it just one time or just want to test it out to see how your phone reacts, then going with the free option is the preferred choice.

While there are other apps you can choose from, the two mentioned above tend to be the most popular among Apple device owners.

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