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5 Chiropractic Health Services People Actively Search For on Search Engines

Are you a chiropractor trying to bring in more patients to your practice?

If so, you need to make sure your prospective patients can easily find your business online, and that starts with a good SEO strategy. SEO (search engine optimization) helps you rank higher than your competitors in search results. When you rank higher, patients are more likely to visit your website and your practice.

A well-optimized website starts with keywords your target audience is searching for online. To help you get started, here are five of the most common chiropractic health services that people commonly look for on search engines:


1. Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions so it’s not surprising that many people are actively searching for remedies on the internet. About 16 million adults in the U.S. experience chronic back pain, and many of them seek chiropractic care as a treatment.

2. Knee Pain

After back pain, knee pain is another common condition that a chiropractor can help patients manage. Frequent knee pain impacts about 25 percent of U.S. adults. Runners or people with very active lifestyles tend to experience knee pain, so keywords like “knee pain when running” on your website may help attract more visitors.

3. Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are another joint in the body that tend to experience chronic pain. Shoulder pain impacts millions of adults each year, which means it is one of the most-searched-for treatments a chiropractor provides.

4. Migraines

Migraines are prevalent, and they impact about 1 billion people worldwide. Ensure you include information about migraine treatment on your website, as many people don’t know that chiropractors can help this condition.

5. Whiplash

People often struggle with whiplash after being in a car accident, and chiropractic care can help correct it. Try targeting keywords such as “whiplash after a car accident” if patients aren’t aware that they can use a chiropractor to treat this condition.

Targeting these keywords is a great place to start. To target them effectively, make sure you have specific pages on your webpage that discuss how chiropractic care helps patients manage each type of pain. You can also include these words in other content, such as on your blog.

Benefits of SEO for Chiropractic Health Services

Developing an SEO strategy is one the best chiro marketing ideas out there. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few benefits of SEO for your business:

1. Get Ahead of the Competition

SEO helps you stand out among your competitors by ranking higher than them in search engine results. This ranking is crucial because most people research online before deciding to make a purchase or schedule an appointment. You want your practice to show up first, so you catch the attention of most prospective patients.

2. Reach Qualified Patients

When you target specific keywords you’re reaching qualified patients that you know are looking for chiropractic services and bringing them directly to your website. This traffic tends to be much more qualified and ready to make an appointment.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Even if the new visitors to your website aren’t ready to make an appointment right away, you’ll still build valuable brand awareness. Once prospects know your practice name, they’re more likely to search for you directly whenever they’re ready to schedule a visit.

Learn More Health Marketing Tips

Bringing in more patients for chiropractic health services takes time and a good overall marketing strategy. Boosting your SEO is just one way to spread the word about your practice. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for more helpful marketing tips and strategies.

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