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5 Compelling Reasons Why We Need WiFi in Schools

Statistics show that around 90% of American adults use the internet. That illustrates how important the tool has become in every area of our society.

Logically, of course, that means we must teach our children how to use the internet responsibly, productively, and safely. It’s as important as any other skill they’ll learn before they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately, WiFi in schools is not yet the norm everywhere. This limits how children can use the internet, particularly on mobile devices.

Read on to learn the five biggest reasons why every school should have WiFi.


1. Education

The most important reason why we need wireless internet in classrooms is because of the potential it has in terms of education. There are countless educational resources online, many of which are free. 

As well as this, wireless connectivity would allow for much easier transmission of data between teachers and students. 

2. Practical Experience

By the time the children of today reach adulthood, our society will almost certainly have become even more dependent on technology than it is today. Many of the most basic functions carried out in our daily lives will soon be reliant on WiFi, thanks to innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT).

With this in mind, it’s hugely important that our young people become acquainted with this kind of technology while still in school.

3. Enjoyment

While the educational potential of the internet is hugely significant, it’s also a great resource for recreation. Instead of refusing to allow children to see the fun side of the online world, we should encourage them to explore digital entertainment safely. Wireless internet in classrooms would be an excellent way to encourage this. 

4. Socializing

Children shouldn’t have unlimited access to social media platforms from a very young age. However, they should learn how to communicate safely with their friends on online messaging services, as these will only grow in importance as they progress into adulthood.

5. Efficiency in the Classroom

If you finished school even a few years ago, chances are you remember having to complete and store countless worksheets every week. This was arduous for the teachers who had to print them, expensive for the schools and parents who provided the paper and ink, and annoying for the students who had to hold onto them.

With campus WiFi, this will eventually become a thing of the past. Nowadays, students can access worksheets via laptops or tablets if they have a connection to the internet.

The Importance of WiFi in Schools in 2021

While WiFi in schools isn’t yet a given, that will hopefully change in the next few years. Nowadays, and especially since the onset of the pandemic, the internet has a role to play in almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s imperative that young people get the opportunity to see it in action from an early stage.

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