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5 Effective Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Business WiFi

Owning a business challenges you to give the best space to your employees with the best amenities. This includes having the right resources, working environment and WiFi. You read that right. 

Having the perfect WiFi varies over the company and the space the company has. Bad WiFi can mean trouble to your sales, customer relations or your employees’ workability efforts.

Here are effective ways to boost the performance of your business WiFi network and assure the best for your company.


Find The Best Spot

Depending on the size and shape of your office, finding the best spot to set up your WiFi router can be tricky. For this, you will have to determine the range and the interference you might run into. Always aim to place your router in a central spot of your office, and if you have more than one floor — plan for the middle floor.

Having more than one floor could be the main cause of interference. Multiple floors include thick walls, fans, large electronic objects, and all of these could be blocking or eating your connection. Try avoiding placing your router close to any of these things to secure the best location.

Boost The Range

Having multiple floors or a large space won’t be covered by a single router. While placing it in the center of your space will help, considering repeaters or range extenders will be key. Wireless repeaters re-broadcast your WiFi signal received to a limited localized area.

On the other hand, range extenders ensure coverage in the area between your router and the extender, allowing all of your employees to connect and work with the best internet speed possible.

Secure your signal

Making your connection and your signal private is one of the best steps to follow after setting it up. Not only will the connection will faster if only your employees are connected, but your files and document will maintain save and guarded. Public, or free, signals will only cause you pain and drain your bandwidth. 

To ensure and improve the performance of your business WiFi, consider privatizing your signal with a strong password.

Save your bandwidth

To protect your business’ bandwidth — or information per unit of time a WiFi is capable of processing — pinpoint the possibilities that might hog at your network. Think about users, apps, and programs.

It’s best if your employees work connected with ethernet cables, or limit the number of devices they connect to the server. If you plan on having customers or invited people over, consider setting up a guest network. This way your employees won’t be affected, your bandwidth won’t diminish and your files will stay protected.

In terms of apps and, have your employees identify all the programs they will use and identify the ones that might pull or require more demand. After identifying these, have those specific employees use those high-demanding apps or programs on certain hours. This will allow other employees to work around those hours and get their jobs done effectively. 

WiFi Analyzer 

If you have done everything above and you have yet to see improvement in your WiFi’s performance, consider having WiFi analytics. A system doing WiFi analytics automatically pinpoints the issues and contacts the designed personnel within your company to change, fix or modify between it gets worse. 

This is a great service to outsource, which will boost your business’s wifi.

Importance of Your Business WiFi

At the end of the day, having a functional and fast network is an investment. Your employees will have no problem working and your customers will receive communications and files with no problems. If you have guests, they will benefit from a fast, reliable network as well. 

These five ways to boost your business wifi can be executed within minutes, and are important to execute on a monthly basis. Now that you know how to improve your WiFi, give it a try!

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