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5 Steps to a Beautiful Blog: Page Design Essentials

Blogs are the #1 most trusted way for consumers to find the information they need on a variety of subjects. However, there’s one thing that will cause someone to leave your blog before they start reading: your blog page design.

We understand you want people to stay on your blog site as long as possible, but without using the right blog website design you could increase your bounce rate. That’s not something you want to do.

Below we’ve provided a few steps that will make it easier to up your blog design game in no time.


1. Rethink the Font You Use

We understand when you’re creating your blogs there’s a specific font you enjoy writing them in. However, have you stopped to consider if your font is easy for people to read?

The point of having people visit your blog is to get them to read the content you’ve created and engage by leaving comments. Sometimes the most efficient blog design idea you can have is to change the type of font you use in your content.

Make your blogs as easy to scan as possible. One way to test if your font is too busy is to have someone close to your read it or check out the feedback left by your readers.

2. Create a Cohesive Aesthetic

How do readers distinguish your content from the content of your competitors? The next step to take when it comes to the design of your blog is the cohesiveness of your page’s aesthetic.

We recommend you check out this graphic design blog for more information about some blog design ideas that will help you decide on an aesthetic that will work for you. Some of the ideas will feature some useful blog design templates that can help you further improve your brand.

3. Embedded Content Is Best

People like content that allows them to engage with the creator. The best way to increase the interaction between yourself and those that visit your blog is to embed content within your content. 

For example, it’s beneficial to embed a photo you posted on your blog’s Instagram within some of your content. After the user is done reading they can easily click the photo and visit your page to check out some of your other posts.

4. Keep the Color to a Minimum

Who wouldn’t want to see bright, bold colors across your blog? Unfortunately, while you might think the presence of several colors is great and will attract people to your blog it does the opposite.

Ensure you keep colors present on your blog to a maximum of three, when you use more than three colors it can become distracting from the content you’ve posted on your blog.

5. Keep It Simple

Much like what we stated above the colors used on your blog page you need to keep things simple. There are several reasons you need to keep your design simple with the first being to maintain focus on your content.

The second reason you want to keep your design simple is for page loading purposes. If a user visits your page and has to wait for it to load the chances of them clicking out of your page rises.

The last thing you want is to increase your page’s bounce rate.

Blog Page Design: Ready, Set, Create Content

Blog page design is important because it’s a part of your brand and can make or break your blog engagement. Remember the fewer colors you use the better and keep your overall design simple for users to understand and scroll through.

We hope you found the information you were looking for above. Don’t forget to scroll through our other posts.

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