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5 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Are you trying to develop a video marketing strategy for your business?

Do you know about the latest video marketing trends?

Video marketing can be a great tool for building your business and connecting with customers online. However, video marketing is changing rapidly. It’s important to pay attention to the latest trends and newest strategies for using video if you want to get new customers and advertise your products and services effectively.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll list the 5 video marketing trends you should be aware of in 2020.


1. Branded Vlogging

One of the biggest growing video marketing trends is the use of video blogging. A company vlog can be a great tool that a business can use to reach its audience in a more human and personable way.

Simple videos are sometimes all that’s needed for a business to reach an ideal customer. Vlogging about industry information, brand changes, products, and your business team can all be helpful for connecting with customers and building a stronger brand.

2. Tailored Social Videos

All of the top social media platforms feature the use of video content in some way these days, and each is different. For example, some social media sites are ideal for short videos without sound while some sites are more suited for long-form videos.

If you want to effective with video marketing, you’ll want to tweak your videos for each place where you share them. You may want to use Adobe Spark to merge your video now and to combine your marketing clips and videos in creative ways.

3. Immersive and Interactive Video Experiences

These days, various types of immersive videos are growing in popularity and many brands are getting in on the action. Creating these interactive videos and experiences can be a great way for your business to draw more attention to its products and services.

Videos are becoming less passive and this is a great thing for brands who want to get more engagement. This type of video marketing may include 360-degree videos, VR content, interactive videos, and other types of videos that users can engage with and experience in a more immersive way.

4. Shoppable Videos

Believe it or not, shoppable videos are also set to become a common trend in 2020. In these videos, viewers will be able to click on a product and be taken directly to a product page or add a product to their shopping cart.

Using this kind of video can be great for streamlining the process of selling a product and can be more convenient for consumers as well.

5. Live Streaming Videos

The use of streaming live video will also become more popular in 2020. Live video can be great for streaming a live business event that you’re having, hosting a webinar, or for having a Q&A session with customers.

There are many ways to use live video for your business, and like with immersive videos, it can be helpful for attracting a bit of extra attention to your brand online, especially when compared to traditional video content or ads.

Learning to Use These Video Marketing Trends in 2020

The list above should give you a good idea of some of the many video marketing trends you can expect to see in 2020. Be sure that you use some of the trends above yourself if you want to have a great time marketing your business online and connecting with customers in the coming year.

Trying to find more video marketing tips? Start exploring our blog now to discover more useful strategies and marketing ideas.

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