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6 Warning Signs It’s Time For a New Computer

Although electronics are great, they are not immune to imperfections. Just like we can injure ourselves and grow old, computers can do the same. But is the problem something you can fix by taking it to a computer repair service or is it such a problem that it’s better to just replace it?

Deciding when it’s time for a new laptop or a new computer is always one met with a flurry of emotions. So, we’re gonna help aid that decision of yours by telling you some signs that it’s time for a new computer.


Repair or Replace?

Before we jump into the signs, let’s see if you need to repair your computer or you need to replace it.

First off, are you just now experiencing problems with your computer? If this issue is new and you haven’t had many before, then you’re likely fine. You’ll just need to take your laptop to a computer repair service and they can help you fix it.

Signs You Need a New Computer

Now, if you’re experiencing a consistent problem or problems, then you may be looking down a path that leads to a replacement. But what are the signs?

1. Booting Time

If you have a good, healthy computer then it shouldn’t take you very long to boot up or shut down your computer. It should really only take about 6-10 seconds. If it takes any longer than that, then it may time to replace.

This is likely caused by low memory space. To increase memory space, you’ll need to upgrade your RAM, but your computer can only support so much RAM. If you need an excessive amount of RAM for your computer to function, you’re going to be better off replacing it.

2. Not Worth it to Repair or Update

In addition to insufficient RAM upgrades, if any other upgrades to the system cost more than it would to purchase a new computer, then it’s just not worth it.

This same mindset goes for repairs to your computer. If you’ve busted the screen or there’s water damage that costs a fortune to repair, check to make sure if it’s cheaper to repair or replace.

If you bought a warranty with your current computer, see if it’s still active. This will allow you to get your current computer fixed for free or for a greatly reduced cost which is great if you don’t have the money to drop on a new computer or you’re trying to save.

3. Can’t Support New Software Updates

This is quite common in phones more than it is with computers. If you’ve had a device for so long, whether it be a phone or a computer, there comes a point in time where it can no longer support the newest software update. When this happens, it’s strictly because of old age.

While this may not seem like a problem at first, it will grow to be one. You won’t get all of the benefits from the future software updates and it’s just a warning sign that your computer is going to start rolling downhill. So if this happens, a new computer is a must.

4. Too Slow

Taking forever to boot up or shut down is one thing, but when it takes ages to simply load a webpage or an application, that’s another story.

It’s time to get a new computer if it takes forever to open an application like Google Chrome or even a notes app. It’s even worse if it’s accompanied by the spinning wheel of death.

Reasons for this slowness can be a lot of different things. From something as simple as too many programs and applications running to bigger issues like malware and viruses. Before you take it to a shop or you replace it, try to clean out your hard drive.

If this doesn’t work and your computer is still running slow, applications aren’t opening, and you can’t have more than one application open at a time, then you need to buy a new laptop.

5. Constant Crashing

If a slow computer was bad, it’s even worse if it constantly crashes. You could be trying to open an application and while it’s on its fifth minute of loading, the computer shuts down and restarts. Sometimes it may even crash out of nowhere.

Many of the reasons for the constant crashing are similar to those of the slow computer. You can always take it to a shop, but it’s in your best interest to replace it.

6. Loud Fans and Hot Keys

Does your computer make a loud whirring noise when you run it? And with that noise does your computer get extremely hot to the touch?

All computers have fans inside them that cool them down so they don’t get too hot. Over time, it’s common that the fans inside get packed with dust, making to more difficult for them to properly ventilate the system. If you get it cleaned or you clean it yourself and the problem still persists, then it’s likely another issue with the fan.

You can of course still try to get it repaired, but it’s likely that the cost to do so may be around the same price to replace it.

It’s Time for a New Computer

When it’s time for a new computer you should rejoice! Having the newest and most up-to-date technology is a great opportunity and will enable you to perform your tasks the best that you can.

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