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7 Amazing Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

For owners or managers of small and medium businesses, technology is essential to run safe, fast, and reliable operations. But with shrinking IT budgets, a lack of internal resources, and an ever-competitive marketplace, how can they achieve this?

It’s simple: with managed IT services. These IT experts specialize in matching a company’s business requirements with the right type of technology. Thanks to their unique IT know-how, managed service providers can add incredible value to any small or medium company.

Are you curious to know exactly how partnering with one of these providers can help you? Then, read our guide to the seven most impressive benefits below.


1. They Help You to Save Money

Money is often the most crucial aspect for SMBs, so it’s important to begin by dispelling one myth. Managed service providers (MSP) are more cost-efficient than an in-house IT team.

The reasons are several. For example, think about all the costs and resources involved in the mere hiring process. Building an entire team of IT experts requires consistent financial investment. Not to mention the fact that that team will need constant training, development, and salaries.

Working with an MSP, on the other hand, removes many of these expenses. Most IT providers offer a pay-as-you-go rate instead of a flat fee, making it much more flexible and affordable to take advantage of their services. And what’s even better is that, if you realize that you need to use fewer services, you can easily scale down your usage and pay less.

2. They Strengthen the Security of Your Entire IT Infrastructure

While cybersecurity has always been paramount, but the coronavirus outbreak truly put it in the spotlight. During the pandemic, in fact, the number of cyberattacks, malware, threats, and more raised to unprecedented levels. 

Being able to protect your business from these issues is no easy feat, but working with a managed service provider can help. These experts know IT security inside out and offer a wide range of security-related services. These include: security management of your entire network, software patching and updating, and installing the latest security intelligence.

It’s also important to remember that most managed service providers offer round-the-clock monitoring. Thanks to this, they can spot any potential threats and take prompt action before they escalate.

3. They Allow You to Deploy the Best Technology Before Anyone Else

Working with an expert IT provider means that you always have the best and most up-to-date IT skills and knowledge at hand. In turn, this means that whenever a new product or solution is released, your provider will be able to install it, manage it, and maintain it on your behalf. Running the most advanced and sophisticated solutions ahead of your rivals can help you sharpen your competitive edge. 

4. They Are Always There for You Whenever You Need Their Support

What if something goes wrong with your IT systems at night, during a national holiday, or at the weekend? No worries: your trusted managed service provider is there for you.

The vast majority of these companies deliver always-on IT support and advice, both remote and on-site. This ensures that your systems are always up and running and your operations continue without any disruption.

5. They Support the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Business

This might sound like a side benefit, but it’s worth mentioning it. With a managed service provider you no longer handle your IT directly, so you can go back to focusing on those activities that add real value to your business.

These can be anything from sales and marketing to logistics and budgeting. An external IT provider frees up the time and resources you need to focus on making your company more efficient and productive.

6. They Plan a Bespoke Strategic Technology Roadmap 

What your business needs now, in terms of technical support and solutions, might change tomorrow. This depends on the direction that your company takes, its future goals and challenges, its workforce, and much more. So, does this mean that you are going to need to change provider whenever your IT requirements shift?

Of course, not. Partnering with a great managed service provider is going to help you support your business in the long term. Your provider, in fact, will be able to design a detailed and bespoke plan to make sure that your IT continues to grow and evolve alongside your business. This is a “technology roadmap”, and is an essential factor in determining the current and future success of your company.

7. They Offer You One Single Point Of Contact for All Your IT Needs

One of the most important benefits of managed IT services is the possibility to centralize your entire IT. An MSP like acts as your one and only point of contact for anything IT-related. This, ultimately, translates into faster, smoother, and more efficient business operations. 

Ready to Reap All the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

The advantages of using managed IT services as opposed to building an in-house IT team are many. In this article, we discussed a few of the most important ones, which include lower costs, greater security, and higher productivity. If you run a small or medium business, then you should consider hiring an MSP to help with all your technology needs.

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