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7 Essential Tips For Good Website Design

A website should be the premiere gateway to your ideas and products. Whether you are a blogger looking to reach more people or a business that needs more SEO potential, a good website goes a long way.

Understanding basic website design is the difference between an ok website and a great website. 

Your website should be the core of your platform, so let’s make sure it lives up to its potential. Here are our 7 basic website design tips. 


1. Don’t Guess Your Plan

When putting together a website, every detail can matter. The key to a good website is to put out a solid plan, where each inch of your website is right where you need it.

Going into website design without a plan is a recipe for disaster. You need them to understand your brand, product, and your goals. Those all can get lost if you throw in website design without a plan. 

2. Go Custom

Stock photos and premade templates can be nice when you are in a hurry, but when you need a real, strong website they can look tacky. Because they are available to everyone, they show a lack of effort.

Getting custom icons, pictures, and content helps your website stand out. Otherwise, you can get lost in the crowd. 

3. Social Shares and Calls to Actions

Calls to actions are a big part of what drives consumers to interact with your brand. People want to talk about what makes them excited and giving them an easy outlet to follow through is a great way to capitalize on that excitement. 

This can be a simple link to share on social media. The easier it is, the higher chance your customers will do it. 

4. Positive Navigation and Layout

Websites should be a smooth experience. Hopping from section to section should be quick and easy.

Having your site freeze, your links don’t work, or you have misaligned pictures and text ruins the experience and what customers may think about you and your business. 

5. Keep Mobile-Friendly In Mind

Smartphones are everywhere these days and a large portion of the internet comes in through people’s phones. This is a huge market that you can miss if your website is not mobile-friendly.

This takes some design tweaks early on, but if you plan for it it won’t be a major issue and the benefits will be massive. 

6. Generate SEO Content

When your website is functioning with a great design, that is the foundation. To get people to notice your website, you need SEO content.

SEO content includes articles and pictures that contain popular search keywords related to your business. It is the series of keywords that people will search to find you and you want it all across your website to attract search engine attention. 

7. Test and Tweak

Even with the best-laid plans, something might go wrong. As well, things change all the time. You need to be adaptable and keep up with frequent testing and tweaks to your website.

Like a business, a website needs to be in constant motion to stay ahead of the curve. Adapt and survive. 

Getting Better Than Basic Website Design

Knowing what you need and having the skills to do it don’t always line up. Lucky for you, there are professionals that are eager to provide. 

Finding the right professional often takes a bit of research, but we have some suggestions on good website design services

Making Technology Work For You

With a big of basic website design and some professional guidance, you can catapult your website from drab and confusing to potent and engaging! 

Your website isn’t the only technology tool you can leverage to get the most out of your business. We here at Donklephant have all the news and reviews to guide you in all your technology questions. Check out our other articles today!

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