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7 Office Desk Essentials You Need in a New Office

Office work is already taxing for most people. But the prospect of moving to a new one is even more terrifying for many reasons. Not only do you need to adapt to a new setting, but you also need to rearrange your desk anew.

But the more important concern is do you have all the office desk essentials to become more productive, efficient, and healthy in your new office?

Having the right items on your desk brings numerous benefits. Though some items may vary from person to person, some are non-negotiable in today’s working environment.

Continue reading below as we take a look at these valuable items you must have on your office desk.


Essentials You Must Have on Your Desk

Here’s a fact: there are lots of items that you can put on your office desk. Each of these items has its own merits. 

Each one is deserving of a spot on your table. 

But the problem is, you only have enough space to accommodate a few. If we are to trim down the list, here are seven office desk essentials, in no particular order, you must have:

1. Cellphone Charger

Though you may think the phone charger’s place is inside your bag, having a spare one in your desk drawer will go a long way. Keeping a spare charger on your desk will save you during times of great need.

If your work entails using your mobile phone to check on emails or make phone calls, you can expect your device to run out of juice even before the workday ends. When this happens and you left your charger at home, you will have to ask around to borrow one.

In a fast-paced workplace, you do not want the inconvenience of borrowing chargers to keep your phone alive.

2. Headphones

If you love music, then you need to have a set of headphones on your office desk. Research explains that music can help spur people’s productivity. This is even more evident if your work involves repetitive tasks.

Though your office may play some great tunes, there is no guarantee that everyone will like them. Listening to music you do not like becomes a distraction instead of an inspiration.

Thus, putting on your earphones and playing songs from your playlist is the way to go.

3. The Right Chair

Though this is technically not a part of your physical desk, a chair is an integral element of your personal workspace. Thus, we need to include the chair on the list.

What you want is something ergonomic. This means the chair must come in a design that will make you more efficient and comfortable at work. 

Sitting for several hours in front of a computer daily may lead to different health issues. This is further escalated if you have a poor office chair.

Additionally, complement your ergonomic chair with a laptop stand. These stands improve the position of your laptop. In turn, it improves your body’s posture by keeping you from slouching.

You check out this guide here to learn about laptop stands.

4. A Notepad

In a world where everything is moving towards the digital direction, having a trusty notepad still proves to be valuable. A notepad can help you jot down important details quickly if you are talking to a client over the phone. 

Moreover, a notepad is easy to carry during quick meetings with your boss. Instead of carrying your laptop to the conference room, slip your notepad inside your pocket and you’re good to go.

Additionally, having a notepad by your side helps increase your productivity. You will also remember things faster, as you can write down quick notes in seconds.

5. Water Bottle

One of the keys to productivity and efficiency at work is hydration. Without enough water in your body, your ability to think and function goes down. Moreover, you may experience different kinds of physical discomforts.

Dehydrated people may feel irritable. Some feel sleepy while others have bouts with headaches.

Thus, you need to have a water bottle close by. You want to drink enough throughout the day. But don’t drink too much, as frequent trips to the bathroom may affect your productivity.

Additionally, throw in some light snacks on the side. You’ll never know when hunger pangs come knocking on your tummy.

6. Personal Care Products

You also need to keep a stash of your personal care and hygiene products. Make sure you have a bar of soap, a mouthwash, and a deodorant ready. These things come in handy whenever you need to rush to an important event right after work.

For women, make sure to stock up on feminine products. Also, a small box of mint or gums will go a long way.

7. A Box of Tissue Paper

Last but not least, you need to have a box of tissue paper on your desk. This is crucial during times when you catch a cold. Sneezing and blowing your nose without any tissue insight is a disaster. 

Organizing Your Office Desk Essentials

You already have the essentials ready. Your next step is to organize them on your desk. Let’s touch on the benefits of organizing your work desk. 

1. You Don’t Forget Tasks

Organizing your work desk will help you remember important tasks for the day. With everything in their proper places, you will not have a hard time looking for incoming and outgoing paperwork.

2. Promotes Your Creativity

With a clean desk, you can focus more on your tasks. If you belong in the creative industry, your creativity will further come out if your desk is clean and clutter-free.

3. Reduces Stress

Last but not least, having an organized desk will reduce your stress levels. Studies show that clutter can increase your stress levels. It affects your decision-making and drains your cognitive resources. 

Aim for Efficiency and Productivity

By having these office desk essentials, your transition into your new office becomes easier. But with the different challenges of moving offices, you need to focus on increasing your productivity and efficiency.

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