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7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

If you haven’t already jumped on the mobile marketing train, then it’s about time you do. You’ll want to make the jump as soon as possible as well, because it’s moving quickly, and you don’t want to be left in the dust. More than 50% of people on the internet are using their phones to access it, which means you need to use mobile marketing.

If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy in place for your small business, then how many consumers are you losing business to? It’s a fact that more people are turning to their smartphones for internet use than ever before. Whether you’ve recently started a small business or are looking for new ways to advertise, mobile marketing needs to be on the top of your priority list.

Don’t miss the mobile marketing train and get lost in the dust. It’s time to make the jump right now. Continue reading below for a list of 7 reasons why you’re going to want a first-class ticket to the mobile marketing express!


1. It’s a Direct Way to Reach Consumers

When you use other forms of advertising, there’s a risk of the advertisement never making it into the right hands. Maybe your mail flyer was quickly thrown in the trash before it was ever looked at. Maybe your bulletin board posts were passed up by consumers who matter most (your target audience).

When you create a mobile marketing strategy, you’re directly reaching your consumer and target audience without error. Many people have their phones on them throughout the entire day if not directly in their hands. For most, their smartphone is the last thing they look at at night and the first thing they see in the morning.

Connecting to your consumers via their smartphone is an ideal way of reaching to them directly.

2. Online Shopping Is Common

Online shopping has also become more popular. Think about how often you, yourself, use your mobile device to complete shopping orders rather than go to the store and shop in-person. Stores have made it even easier for customers by allowing them to shop online and then pick up their orders for free (no delivery charge) with a drive-up pick-up.

There are even apps that allow you to create a shopping list and then have someone else go to the physical store and purchase the items for you. Because online shopping is more common, you need to create a mobile marketing strategy that allows your consumers to browse through your products or services online and make purchases or schedule appointments via their mobile devices.

When a purchase is made, you can then send out shipments using automatic printing and seamless integration. These features are essential to have to make the process as simple as possible.

3. It Reaches Consumers While in the Stores

Depending on what your business is, you might want to reach your target audience while they’re inside the actual store. Different mobile apps allow consumers to search for coupons, track down deals, and make price comparisons all while shopping at the store.

Apps like these make for a wonderful mobile marketing strategy. If you have a storefront, be sure to look into creating a mobile app that improves the consumer’s shopping experience in one way or another.

Even if your business doesn’t sell products, but instead offers services, you can still use an app to improve the consumer’s experience with your business.

4. It Targets a Larger Audience

When you use more traditional methods of marketing, you’re only able to reach a small number of people. For example, if you hang up flyers, you’re only going to advertise to the small number of people who happen to walk past your flyer and stop to read it.

When you use mobile marketing techniques, you’re able to target a much larger audience. Anyone with a smartphone will have access to your advertisements, which is a much larger number than those who’ll walk by a flyer in a specific location.

5. It Targets Consumers in Your Area

When you use mobile marketing to post advertisements, you can target consumers in your area. For example, if you want to use Facebook Ads, you’ll put in your location. When someone on Facebook is in your area, whether they’re visiting or live there, they’ll see your ads.

This is also true when using Google Ads. When someone is near your business and searches for a product you sell or a service you offer, they’ll be met with an ad for your business.

6. It’s Done on a Variety of Platforms

Mobile marketing comes in a variety of forms. There are several different platforms that you can use to reach mobile users. This is another reason why mobile marketing is so important.

You have the option of using social media advertisements, email lists and newsletters, Google ads, in-game ads, SMS marketing, and more! The best way to ensure you’re reaching a wider audience is to use all forms of mobile marketing.

Know who your target audience is, and then use each type of platform to ensure you’re reaching them.

7. It’s a Trusted Form of Advertising

Consumers trust marketing and advertising when it’s sent to their mobile phones. Why? Because traditional methods of marketing are becoming outdated, mobile marketing is the best way to keep up with the times.

A reputable business will do what it can to implement the newest forms of marketing. When using something like an SMS sign up, consumers will know exactly who the advertisement is for and will trust it.

It’s Time Small Businesses Begin to Use Mobile Marketing!

If you’re a small business owner, then it’s time to jump on the mobile marketing express and use mobile marketing to reach your audience and increase sales! Don’t fall behind, because one of the most important things about owning a business is learning to be flexible and incorporate new trends.

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