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Yes, Timeshare Resale Is Legitimate (And Here’s Why!)

Did you know that over 9 million people own a timeshare in the United States? If you are looking to be part of this statistic but are not sure if it’s legit to buy via a timeshare resale, you are in the right place.

We are going to share the benefits of timeshare resale. 


Lower Price

One of the main benefits of purchasing vacation ownership through resale is the cost savings. Buying timeshare straight from the company will always cost more because they invest a ton of money on advertising. In order to recoup their marketing dollars, they raise the prices of the timeshares they are selling.  

When you do a timeshare transfer you are buying from a previous owner that has not been spending money on marketing. Therefore, the cost is lower and more true to the value of the vacation property. 

More Choices

Another benefit of a timeshare resale is that you will have more choices because you are not limited to the units that the resort is currently selling. Previous owners might have better units that are not even an option anymore.

Another option you might have via a timeshare resale is that there are some timeshares that have an expiration date because they are not “deeded” properties. As the expiration date gets closer the owner will drop the price in order to get something out of their unit instead of not using it and getting nothing. 

This is a great thing you can take advantage of if you do not want to make a lifetime commitment. You will instead get a unit with an expiration date at a huge discount. 

Hidden Fees

When you buy from a previous owner, they probably have already paid for all the hidden fees upfront. Usually, there are closing fees, and extra maintenance fees when you first buy a timeshare. 

When you buy a resale you will only have to pay what the owner is selling their unit for and in some cases, you might also have to pay for a transfer fee. You might be able to negotiate for the seller to pay all or part of the transfer fee if they are looking to get rid of their vacation property asap.


If you have ever been to a timeshare tour or attended a seminar, you are familiar with all of the gimmicks and high-pressure sales. With a resale, you don’t have to worry about a salesperson that needs to make money or meet a quota. This means that you will only be dealing with an honest seller that no longer uses or needs their timeshare. 

Ready to Invest in a Timeshare Resale?

Now that you know more about buying via a timeshare resale, you can make an informed decision whether you want to buy from a previous owner or pay more money directly from the company. 

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