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Adobe Flash Player Critical Issues and Patches


Adobe Flash Player has reportedly been giving problems to users because of its security holes. In fact, it has become a favorite target of some malware exploits and certain attacks. Although more and more users have become aware of such issues, many are still using Adobe Flash for streaming movies, playing games, and browsing just about any content.

Update to the Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

The only thing that can help you avoid these issues is to update your version of Flash to its latest. You can get the most recent version of your Flash Player from this site: For Windows users who are fond of browsing the Web should apply the update patch a couple of times. However, for Internet Explorer or Edge users, it would suffice to apply it once.

Take note that IE and Chrome users can rest assured that their browsers would auto-update their version of Flash each time they are restarted. For Chrome users, it is necessary to restart the browser to automatically download and install the latest version. But, some users might be required to check for updates manually and restart the browser to acquire the most recent version of Flash.

Adobe Flash Player Critical Issues

Security fixes have also been released by Adobe for a number of its products, which include Adobe Reader, Acrobat software packages, and Adobe Photoshop. Make sure that you update your program version because there were 47 security holes found in such products.

The critical vulnerabilities have also been addressed with its newly released version of Flash Player. These vulnerabilities reportedly would allow an attacker to take over an infected system, which include Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Mac Users Need to Update Adobe Flash Player

It has been advised that Mac users running Flash Player version or earlier should update to the latest version immediately. This can be done via a built-in update tool. You can get this update from the same official website where you downloaded your version of Flash Player namely and click the button that says “Install Now”.

In order to get the most recent updates, it is also advised to enable the option to “Allow Adobe to Install Updates”. By doing this, users would be able to get the update automatically as soon as he or she is connected to the Internet. At the same time, it would automatically update to the latest version

Verify Your Own Version of Flash Player

If you have installed Flash Player on your system, try to check if the current version is the latest. Simply visit the link You can also do so by right-clicking on the content running in Flash Player. Then, choose “About Adobe Flash Player” on the menu. You should do this on each browser that you have installed on your system.

Adobe Flash Player Security Patches

Users are advised to update the Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows to the latest version by visiting the official website mentioned earlier. The patches available within this recent update would solve use-after-free vulnerabilities leading to the execution of some unwanted codes. Likewise, such updates would resolve any memory corruption vulnerabilities that would lead to the execution of intrusive codes.

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