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Adobe Flash Player Critical Security Updates Available


Recently, both Adobe and Microsoft have released updates in order to fix some security flaws for their products. While Adobe released patches for the dozen holes found in the Acrobat, Reader or Flash Player products, Microsoft brought fixes for the vulnerabilities found in Windows and other software they have.

What’s New?

It seems that the biggest change we see now is the fact that Microsoft replaced the individual security bulletins they kept releasing with some patches put together in a single Security Update Guide. This is particularly useful for Windows users and for people who take care of the Windows machines maintenance. This change comes soon after Microsoft barred home users from downloading specific updates and issued monthly update under the shape of a huge single patch.

The company claims that its customers are clamoring for this solid guide, and many users might be put off by this new format. Anyway, there is an FAQ section in case you need to find out more explanations about the extra clicking and searching you need to do.

Adobe Updates

Adobe also released a new batch of security updates. The regular critical update issued for the Flash Player includes minimum 7 flaws that existed in the program. The newest version wears the number and it is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows systems.

Even though it would be a good idea to quit using the program altogether, since it is filled with security holes and vulnerabilities, if you still decide to use it, make sure you have the latest version that protects you from malware. Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers should install automatically the latest Flash version when you restart your browsers. If you’re not sure if that happened, click on the vertical dots menu on the right of the URL address bar and check About Chrome.

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