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WhatsApp vs. Google Allo – Which One You Should Choose?


Finally, we got to see the much anticipated messaging app Allo. It represents the second part of Google’s messaging plan, together with Duo, which is a video calling app. We all know that there are lots of such messaging apps on the market, offering lots of features and ways of messaging, but both Allo and WhatsApp seem to be among the most popular.

What About Allo?

Most likely, Google has taken as a model theWhatsApp design, and maybe part of Allo’s popularity is due to this. The tech giant announced both Allo and Duo at the I/O event in May last year. Duo has seen its launch on August 16, and then recently the company released Allo both for iOS and Android. It is in fact more than a messaging app, since it helps you make plans, express yourself better in chat, or find useful information. You can find it for free on the Play Store.

Is It the Same as WhatsApp?

Allo offers a more interesting design for WhatsApp, but even so, the two apps are quite similar. Just like WhatsApp, Allo needs your phone number in order to use the app. As such, you can’t use the same Allo account on two different devices. You can use both apps for sharing images, voice messages, stickers or videos, for example.

In both of them you can draw over your images with the help of a given pen tool. Allo is indeed richer when it comes to stickers, since it brings more sticker packs, as opposed to WhatsApp. However, both of them offer the Quick Reply from Notifications functionality, though Allo doesn’t let you type your reply. Also, you can create group chats, mute or delete them in both apps. Even so, the major difference between the two is the fact that Allo comes with a smart AI incorporated.

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