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Adobe Flash Player Free Download: This Is The Official Source


There are official sources where you can download Adobe Flash Player. In fact, you can get one for Android, iOS, and PC versions that would suit to your browser. However, not all devices support Adobe Flash Player any longer. Still, anyone can use Adobe Flash Player if ever he or she needs it so badly. Here are some of the official sources to download Adobe Flash Player.


Adobe Flash Player for iOS Devices

There are third-party apps that would enable you to access Flash content. Although Flash content are not supported in iOS devices, third-party Web browsers have different levels of reliability, quality, and speed that can serve you the same purpose.

You can still use the App Store to download various Web browsers to begin playing games, watching videos, and browsing general Web content. However, you can also use Parallels Access as a way to access Flash content on iPhone or iPad. This will be done by streaming directly from your PC or Mac. Thus, you can access your PC or Mac remotely from your iPhone or iPad anywhere on the planet. This will enable you to use apps, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player for Android Devices

Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported for Android devices either. Nevertheless, you can opt to install Flash Player via an alternative method.

  • Ensure a connection to the Internet on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Close Settings and launch the browser. Visit the Flash Player Archive page by typing this on the search bar on your browser:
  • Navigate down to Flash Player for Android archives.
  • Before downloading anything, make sure that the Flash Player version would suit your Android OS.
  • Close the browser after the download has completed.
  • When notified by a recently completed download, tap the file named install_flash_player.apk and then tap Install when prompted to proceed.
  • Tap Done after the installation of Adobe Flash Player has been completed.

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